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Examining, through an anti-fascist lens, ethno-nationalism, white supremacy and neo-fascism in so-called Australia, Aotearoa & around the world. Andy Fleming & Cam Smith talk to writers and fighters about angry blighters.

Andy Fleming & Cam Smith.


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About Yeah Nah Pasaran!

Andy and Cam have been keeping tabs on the far-Right for a minute or two now. After 10 years of misusing their timeslot on the Squatting & Unemployed Workers show to talk about fascism, they've decided to get serious and misuse their new show about fascism to talk about squatting every week. Below are some basic show notes, but a more comprehensive round-up can be found here.

Show Notes!

Episode 1: Jeff Sparrow (January 16 2020).

We spoke to Jeff about his book on the Christchurch massacre and the environment which spawned it. You can check out the book in all good bookstores and libraries.

Episode 2: Emmi Bevensee (January 23 2020).

We spoke to Emmi about the Iron March leaks, Alexander Slavros and Dugin.

Episode 3: Jason Wilson (January 30 2020).

We spoke to Jason about his two big scoops on the neo-Nazi terror network The Base, the first revealing The Base leaders' true identity and the second revealing the presence of a long-term anti-fascist infiltrator in the group.

This is the New York Times article to which Jason refers in the interview.

Episode 4: Alexander Reid-Ross (February 6 2020).

We spoke to Alexander about his feudin' & fightin' with Glenn Greenwald as well as a bit about his book Against The Fascist Creep, and the ways in which fascists attempt to co-opt Left movements. With bonus commentary from Canadian social justice comic book publishers Ad Astra & Jeremy from the Giving The Mic To The Wrong Person podcast.

Episode 5: Shuddhabrata Sengupta (February 13 2020).

We spoke to Shuddhabrata Sengupta of the internationally acclaimed RAQS Media Collective about India's Citizenship Amendment Act and the powerful female-led protest movement which is resisting it. You can read his excellent article on the Shaheen Bagh protests here.

Episode 6: Emily Gorcenski (February 20 2020).

We spoke to Emily Gorcenski about First Vigil, How Hate Sleeps, Charlottesville and making Nazis cry.

Episode 7: Shane Burley (February 27 2020).

We spoke to Shane Burley about the alt-Right and how it failed (OR DID IT?). We also discussed this piece in Full Stop Magazine. Shane's book, Fascism Today: What It Is & How To End It, is available from AK Press.

Episode 8: Evan Smith (March 5 2020).

We spoke to Evan Smith about No Platform and the myth of a free speech crisis on university campuses.

Episode 9: Megan Squire (March 12 2020).

We spoke to Megan Squire about how far-Right groups use technology and the alt-tech which is used to circumvent deplatforming.

Episode 10: Paparoa (March 19 2020).

We spoke to Roy from Paparoa (as voiced by Karina from 3CR) to discuss fascism in New Zealand and the work they do to combat it.

Episode 11: Steph Reist (March 26 2020).

We spoke to Dr Stephanie Reist, a freelance writer & researcher in Rio de Janeiro about Brazil, Bolsonaro & Covid-19. You can check out some of Steph's writing for Jacobin here.

Episode 12: Antti Rautiainen (April 2 2020).

We spoke to Antti Rautiainen, an anarchist deported from Russia in 2012 for being too threatening to consitutional order, about The Network case and anti-Fascism in Russia more generally.

Episode 13: Jason Wilson (April 9 2020).

We spoke to US-based journalist Jason Wilson about the reaction to the COVID-19 crisis on the part of the Right & the far-Right. A number of Jason's recent articles on the subject have been handily compiled over here.

Episode 14: Anastasia Kanjere (April 16 2020).

We spoke to critical race theory & whiteness studies academic Anastasia Kanjere about fascism in contemporary 'Australia', whiteness studies, and the Insane Clown Posse.

Episode 15: Patrik Hermansson (April 23 2020).

 We spoke to Patrik Hermansson from HOPE Not Hate about the alt-Right, identitarianism, the Order of the Nine Angles and of course that dratted virus. You can get his new book here.

Episode 16: Dr Eviane Leidig (April 30 2020).

We spoke to Dr. Eviane Leidig about her research into Hindutva and its connections to the global far-Right.