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Thursday 6:30am to 7:00am
The Plumbers Union weekly radio show. Presented by The Plumbing Trades Employment Union (PTEU). Alternates every second Thursday with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA).
Current Affairs at 3CR
Friday 7:00am to 8:00am

Australia holds one of the most concentrated corporatised media landscapes in the world, and in the past year we have seen the fruits born of a system that prioritises shareholder return over the needs of the community.

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3CR is celebrating May Day 2012 with a special broadcast on Tuesday 1 May from 7am - 12 noon. Each year on 1 May people from around the world join in celebrations to mark the achievements of workers while recognising the fight for equity in the workplace is far from over. There'll be news and views from local and international workers as well as all the details on events happening on the day and analysis of recent achievements through union activism. Normal 0

Over the past 12 months 3CR has created extraordinary radio from the grassroots: live coverage from Occupy Melbourne and the Tent Embassy, Visioning Justice,
Join the Solidarity Breakfast team in person at an evening of public discussion questioning the absence of progressive voices in current political debate.

This Q&A style forum will invite robust dialogue exploring how the populist challenges to dictatorial regimes in the Arab world generate new possibilities in both global and local settings.

6.00pm Wednesday 27 July 2011
Springvale Uniting Church
Cnr Balmoral & Albert Aves, Springvale

Who are you?
The Concrete Gang, CFMEU radio for construction workers.

Describe your show?
Construction industry news, views and scallywags.

How long have you been on the air?
Since 1976.

What is it about 3CR that rocks your socks off?
That they’ll have us on the radio. No one else will. [Read More...]

Who are you?
We are Bill Deller, Chris Gaffney and Sigrid Borke of Keep Left. We present a working class perspective on the world and current events from a Marxist viewpoint. We speak the truth about capitalism.

What do you value most about 3CR?
The variety of opinions is amazing, which you'd never suspect to exist if it weren't for 3CR. You know that whatever happens, 3CR is on the right side -- for the oppressed. [Read More...]