Deborah sits in studio 1 at 3CR holding her book and smiling at the viewer. She wears a green and pink jumper and sports black glasses
4 Oct 2023
Story-weaver, keeper of precious memories
Kelly, Percy and Joe sit in a row in studio 1 at 3CR smiling at the viewer
27 Sep 2023
Melbourne doctor specialising in maternity health, champion for pregnant women everywhere
Percy stands in front of 3CR's new colourful mural in the courtyard. He wears a blue knitted jumper and sports a red YES badge
20 Sep 2023
GP, maths whizz, former wheat bagger, maternity health innovator
Sasha wears a red long-sleeve top and he stands next to a brightly-coloured pole with a big smile on his face
13 Sep 2023
Latin America lover, 3CR 'Latin American Update' broadcaster
Robert stands in the 3CR studio with his red and black check shirt looking at the viewer. Behind him hangs the 2023 3CR Radiothon poster in all its technicolour glory
6 Sep 2023
Sociologist, philosopher, wizard-bearded
A woman sits in a radio studio among equipment. She wears a black top and has long black hair. She looks with a gentle smile towards the viewer
30 Aug 2023
Mapuche activist, Mujeres Latinoamericanas broadcaster (3CR)
A woman with dark long curly hair and wearing a dark jumper looks sideways towards the viewer. She stands in front of a colourful poster
23 Aug 2023
Chilean exile, 3CR Chairperson, book publisher
A man with greying hair wears a red and black check shirt. He looks to the side smiling
16 Aug 2023
Lived experience criminologist, prisoner supporter
9 Aug 2023
Anti-corruption activist, teacher
A woman in her forties looks into the camera. She wears a green jumper and black glasses. She has short curly hair
2 Aug 2023
Lover of story, community development worker, researcher