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Sunday, 31 January 2021

Content warning: Please be aware that this episode contains descriptions and discussions of discrimination towards queer people, othering, Islamophobia, sex, and religion. If this is a trigger for you, please contact Lifeline (13 11 14), Switchboard Victoria (1800 184 527), or contact your state-based service.


Michele Vescio speaks with Niveen Abdelatty, a queer Muslim woman of colour and a politically charged DJ and musician, about her queer history through the lens of intersectionality and disidentification; we also unpack discussions on decolonising information and education in the context of queer history within broad LGBTIQA+ identities and communities. 


Tracklisting: 'Disjointed' by Candy Royalle, 'A Deeper Love' (Sixty Feet Deep remix) by Aretha Franklin


Research resources:

Decolonizing Queer Time: A Critique of Anachronism in Latin@ Writings

Everyday Decolonization: Living a Decolonizing Queer Politics

Against State Straightism: Five Principles for Including LGBT Indonesians

Queer and Then?

Decolonising and Queering Praxis: The Unanswerable Questions for ‘Queer Asia

The intersectionality wars

Yes, we must decolonise: our teaching has to go beyond elite white men

Australia’s queer history

There is No Hierarchy of Oppression

The art of seeing Aboriginal Australia’s queer potential

A map of gender-diverse cultures

A definitive timeline of LGBT+ rights in Australia

LGBTI Aboriginal people – diversity at the margins

Indigenous Subjectivity in Australia: Are we Queer

Decolonising the Queer movement in Australia: we need solidarity, not pink-washing



Queering the Air presents critically engaged commentary from a mix of trans, genderqueer, gender diverse, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, gay, queer, and intersex perspectives.

Each week's show features a fresh feast of ideas, interviews, news, histories, arts, and discussion with an anti-racist, feminist, and anti-capitalist bent. We have a particular interest in the intersection of queerness with other experiences of marginalisation.

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In 2015, the collective created We Weren't Born Yesterday, a series exploring queer heritage, vocabulary and intergenerational connections in Arab, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian communities in Australia. Read more and listen.



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