Stolenwealth Games 2018

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 - 11:12am

Wednesday Breakfast 4th April:  Patrick Beggs and Judith Peppard speak with Gomeroi man and Camp Freedom organiser Boe Spearim, about camp set up, the history of the Stolenwealth Games protests and the peoples gathering on the Gold Coast for this year’s protest.  Listen here.

Thursday Breakfast 5th April:  Featuring Ruby Wharton talking about the Stolenwealth Games action that stopped the baton relay.  Listen here.

Friday Breakfast 6th April:  Updates from Camp Freedom.  Listen here.

Monday Breakfast 9th April: Kroft from Global Intifada reports from Camp Freedom.  Kroft interviewed Wangkumara and Wonnarua man Albert Heartnett.  Listen here.

Girls Radio Offensive 9th April:  An excerpt featuring a statement release by First Nations activists and RISE in the lead up to the Stolenwealth Games.  Listen here.

Tuesday Breakfast 10th April:  Tuesday Breakfast speaks with Nish Morris (Nnarm based activist) and Kroft with an update on the Sunrise action.  Listen here.

Wednesday Breakfast11th April:  Patrick Beggs speaks with Aunty Michelle and her sister from Grandmothers Against Removals, who had a storng presence at Camp Freedom.  Listen here.

Thursday Breakfast 12th April 2018:  'Sorrowbe' Campaign  Listen here.

Accent of Women, Tuesday 10th April:  Stolenwealth Games.

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Occupy Melbourne
3CR has a long history of presenting live coverage of union and social justice protests, blockades and occupations including the Honeymoom Mine occupation, the nurses dispute (including the 2012 nurses dispute), the MUA picket, the S11 World Economic Forum protests, Occupy Melbourne and more recently the TAFE4ALL campaign.