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Friday 30 September 2016

with Jacob and Zane

7am Intro, acknowledgement of country

Discussion of South Australia blackouts, damage to (destruction of) transmission towers and attacks on renewables. An article republished from The Conversation seeks input from several experts as to the cause of the blackouts and whether wind energy is to blame.

Discussion of shooting of unarmed Aboriginal man Dennis John Doolan in Cowra.

7:15am Discussion of violent, unprovoked police attack on anti-racism activist Jafri Katagar at Flinders St Station last Friday, and subsequent snap solidarity rally. (Note: Jafri is being interviewed about this on 3CR's Solidarity Breakfast program tomorrow, Sat Oct 1).

Discussion of Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as leader of the British Labour party, and how socialism is no longer a dirty word in the party.

Jacob and Zane interview activist Gaye Demanuale about the Close Pine Gap Convergence which is happening at the moment just outside Alice Springs. Gaye notes the racial divide between Aboriginal people and white people during her first visit to the town and tells us why activists are calling for closure of the joint US-Australian military operations / spying facility. 

7:30am Discussion of welfare cuts being proposed by the Turnbull government in which Pauline Hanson has signalled she would support in the senate.

7:45am Jacob and Zane interview Tim O’Connor, CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia, about Malcolm Turnbull’s pledge at the UN summit in New York to increase Australia’s refugee resettlement intake, and “the elephant in the room” that is the continued operation of Australia’s refugee torture camps on Manus and Nauru.

8am  Activist calendar

8:10am Zane and Jacob interview Anna Boddenberg from Earth Worker Cooperative about the ‘Walk With the Valley’ and the announcement that the full closure of Hazelwood is likely to occur next year. Anna paints a vision for how the 'Eureka’s Future' solar hot water co-op and other co-ops under the Earth Worker umbrella could ramp up to help absorb job losses from the closure of Hazelwood.

8:20am Discussion of Black Lives Matter campaign and the latest in a long line of shootings of black people by racist police in the United States.


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