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28th March 2014

Broadcast LIVE from Friends of the Earth 312 Smith Street Collingwood

with Philippe, JB and Tara

7:00am Headlines from the newspapers about sustainability

7:10am Pauline from FoE’s Food Coop : What does an organisation need to be a co-operative rather than just a small business in the tradition sense?

What's for Breakfast today? Home made Baked Beans

7:20am Yarra Riverkeepers Association & The Carers of the Merri Creek Ian Penrose and Paul Prentice

7.30am Daniel Sullivan (Sully) from Fossil Free Melb Uni

7.45am East West Link Protest Keith Fitzgerald and Cathy Drummond. The community campaign began 6 months ago – where to now?

8.00am Victoria Ryle founder of Kid’s Own Publishing: empowering children, families and communities from diverse cultural, social and linguistic backgrounds to share their stories through artist-led processes and community publishing.

8:15am Laura McFarlane (from local band Ninety Nine) with the East West Link Protest Song

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