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Green Left Radio Friday 21 April 2017

with Jacob Andrewartha and Lalitha Chelliah

7:00am Acknowledgement of Country

7:05am discussion about the politics of North Korea and the implications of US foreign policy 
7:13am discussion about the rise of French Presidental candidate jean luc melenchon from Green Left Weekly
7:18am discussion about UK politics and the early UK general election
7:25am news from Green Left Weekly workers struggles in India
7:31am interview with Mahmut from the kurdish community about the political situation in Turkey in relation to the recent referendum.
7:53am discussion about Venezuala in relation to state asia-pacific groups support Venezuela, oppose US intervention.
8:00am activist calendar
8:10am discussion about local politics in relation to 457 visas.


If you have queries or stories for the above programs contact Gabrielle Reade, 3CR's Current Affairs Coordinator.

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