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Green Left Radio Friday February 10

with Jacob and Lalitha

7:00am Acknowledgement of country.

Discussion about Sri Lankan president receiving a doctorate award from Deakin University, update on criminalisation of homelessness campaign and the possibility of the Melbourne's founder name to be removed from its electoral namesake, Victoria University and the Q society.

7:15am Interview with Damien Stock from Victoria Legal Aid about the criminalisation of Toll debts.

7:30am Local news from Green Left Weekly: a discussion about preference deals in the WA state electionthe inequality of global capitalism, international news includes the reading of a article on South Korean politics and the mass protests along with a feature on Trumpwatch from Green Left Weekly.

8:00am Activist Calendar

8:10am Interview with Cherry from the Australian Marine Conservation Society about Adani Groups's shocking history of failure to comply with Environmental Law.

8:20am Discussion on the Dakota Access Pipeline, and 3CR’s Subscriber Drive.


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