Sustainable Living Festival 2012

Saturday, 18 February 2012 - 9:30am to 11:30am
SLF 2012 Host Dave Sweeney

On the 18 February 2012 six of 3CR's environmental programs broadcast live from the Sustainable Living Festival in the Greenhouse, Birrarung Marr, Federation Square. Following in a long tradition of bringing radio to the community by the community, the event was broadcast live on 3CR855AM, 3CR digital and streamed on

Dave Sweeney (pictured), the nuclear-free campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation, was the host and also joined us on the Radioactive Show, along with Nat Wasley from the Beyond Nuclear Initiative and programmer Jessie Boylan; they spoke about the year that was; BHP expansion approval, uranium sales to India approved, and the push for the national radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory. Listen now (3.8MB/8:11mins). 

Hans-Josef Fel and Matthew WrightOn Beyond Zero Emissions, Matthew Wright interviewed special guest Hans-Josef Fel (pictured) member of the German Greens party and architect of Germany's renewable energy policy, they talk about how Germany contributes to 60% of the world's wind power and 90% of the world's solar power and how Fel managed to implement these policies. Listen now (6.2MB/13.27mins)


Earth MatttersOn Earth Matters, guest host Adam Grubb (permaculturalist & co-founder of the Permablitz Movement) interviewed special guest Nicole Foss (author), aka "Stoneleigh", from Canada author of “The Automatic Earth”; they spoke about post peak oil, financial crisis, climate change and debunking "green energy solutions". Listen now (6.9MB/15:03mins)


Renegade EconomistsKarl Fitzgerald from Renegade Economists interviewed Simon O'Conner (pictured) ACF's Economic advisor about renewable energy funding and the clean energy finance comission. Listen now (7.1MB/15:26mins)

Team YarraBUGSteve Barnett, Val Nagle and Chris Star from YarraBUG spoke to Faith Hunter, Editor of Treadlie Magazine, about anything cycling and bicycles, they also interviewed Jed from Second Chance Cycles with VACRO about the community bike workshop that has been recycling bicycles and teaching bike mechanics since 2009. Listen now (5.6MB/12:04mins)

Out of the Blue TeamAnd lastly, on Out of the Blue, Matt Reardon, Nat Calder, Tess O'Brien and Dave Semmens spoke to John Ford (pictured) from Australian Marine Conservation Society about sustainable seafood myths and realities. Listen now (7.1MB/15:25mins)

All photos thanks to Phoebe Barton.

Special thanks to the City of Melbourne for their financial support in making this Outside Broadcast possible.

Thanks to the City of Melbourne 



Delicious free breakfast at the Sustainable Broadcasts
Together with Friends of the Earth, 3CR Breakfast programmers present a series of live shows with delicious free breakfasts from the FoE Food Coop and Organic Cafe at 312 Smith Street Fitzroy. Each year in March, join us for a week of live, local radio in the City of Yarra, a delicious free breakfast and great local music.


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Live from the Greenhouse at SLF Federation Square