May Day! May Day! 2017

May Day 2017

Each year on May 1 (International Workers' Day), communities from around the world join in to celebrate the achievements of the labour movement and to show solidarity with the continued struggle for labour rights everywhere. Start May Day with 3CR Monday Breakfast as we serve up solidarity and resistance. Hear perspectives from women, LGBTQI, indigenous, and community activists about stolen wages, transparency in government and business, cycling and access to work, and people power!

Tune in Monday, 1st May, 7 - 11am with presenters Jacob Andrewartha (Green Left Weekly Radio), Jess Bigby (Tuesday Breakfast), Karl Fitzgerald (Renegade Economists), Jiselle Hanna (Women on the Line), Kerrie-Lee Harding (Blaknoise Radio), Matt Kunkel (Stick Together), James McKenzie (In Ya Face), and Chris from YarraBUG. Listen via 855AM, digital radio, and streaming live on


7am-7:30am Monday Breakfast Interview with trade union activist Dave Kerin from Earth Worker; Listen Here (14.52MB)

Breakfast Team

7:30-8:00am Monday Breakfast Interview with Tim Gooden, former secretary of Geelong Trades Hall; Listen Here (11.32MB)

8am-8:30am Monday Breakfast Interviews with Pier Moro of the AAWL, and Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary. Listen Here (14.29MB)

8:30am Women on The Line: No Profit From Rape: Jiselle Hanna presents a special on women workers facing funding cuts in a rape crisis centre. Listen Here (12.82MB)

9:00am Blak Betty May Day Special. Kerrie-Lee Harding presents commentary about stolen wages in Queensland and the personal effects on indigenous peoples. Listen Here (12.52MB)

9:30am May Day Now! James McKenzie explores workers' issues from an LGBTQI perspective. Guests include Roz Ward of the Safe Schools coalition and Liz Ross from the LGBTQ Archives.

Listen Here (13.4MB) 

James and Roz

10:00am YarraBUG - May Day special. Food delivery riders getting a raw deal from 'gig economy'. Listen Here (13.47MB)

10:30am Renegade Economists: Doors Wide Open report. Karl Fitzgerald presents a discussion on the momentum towards transparency in government and business with guest Mark Zirnsak. Listen Here (13.56MB)

2:00pm Celtic Folk Show with Anne McAllister playing traditional and contemporary Irish music with a May Day theme.




And later in the day head to the May Day Rally at the State Library of Victoria, 5.30 - 7.30pm.