Margin Voice

Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:00pm
Sudanese arts, culture, and current affairs, as well as local news for the community in Australia, presented in Arabic.

Najmaldin Musa, Eltayeb Abdelrahim & Abdullah Burma.


About Margin Voice


In Arabic

Welcome to Margin Voice, the Sudanese radio show that brings you the best in arts, culture, current affairs, and local news for the Sudanese community in Australia. Our show is dedicated to providing up-to-date information and insights on all the latest happenings in Sudanese society, both here in Australia and abroad.

Tune in to Margin Voice to stay on top of the latest developments in Sudanese arts, including theater, and literature. We showcase the works of talented Sudanese artists and performers, both established and emerging, and offer our listeners an in-depth look at the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Sudan.

In addition to our focus on the arts, Margin Voice also keeps you informed on all the latest current affairs and local news affecting the Sudanese community in Australia. We cover everything from politics and human rights to education, health, and social welfare, and we bring you the perspectives and opinions of experts, activists, and community leaders.

So, whether you're a new arrival to Australia seeking to connect with the Sudanese community, or a long-time listener looking to stay informed and engaged, Margin Voice is the radio show for you. Tune in today and join the conversation!

صوت الهامش
صوت الهامش برنامج سوداني يناقش قضايا الراهن السياسي و الموسيقي و التراث السوداني كما يسعي لربط السودانيين الاسترالين بالمجتمع السوداني. 
نجم الدين موسي و الطيب محمد علي يناقشان كل اربعاء قضايا المهاجرين السودانيين و القضايا المحلية كما يجريان حوارات مع عدد من الشخصيات السودانية بالمهجر. 
كونوا معنا كل اربعاء من الساعة ٦:٣٠ الي الساعة ٧ مساءا.