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Great traditional and classic jazz, news and interviews.

Victorian Jazz Club


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30 May


John Smyth, Roger Beilby, John Trudeau and Geoff Tobin

About Jazz on a Saturday

We're turning 40!!

The first Saturday in October this year will mark forty years of Jazz On A Saturday. Same station, same time, same presenters, same program name - a record not matched even by the ABC's JazzTrack (which claims to be Australia's longest running jazz radio program). Naturally we hope all our friends can join us in celebrating that milestone in an appropriate way.

At 4pm on the first Saturday of October 1976, just three months after the launch of Australia’s first regularly-licensed public broadcaster 3CR, the first edition of Jazz On A Saturday went to air. The first programs came from the 3CR’s original premises off High Street Armadale, with the transmitter in the next room, the antenna on the roof, Roger Beilby behind the mic and John Smyth at the controls. Then as now, it was presented on behalf of the Victorian Jazz Club (founded 1968).

The following forty years have seen two new studios (Cromwell Street and the present Smith Street), two new transmitters (Collingwood and the present Hoppers Crossing), the advent of the CD, digital radio and the Internet ... and this Millennium, two additional presenters. Right now, Jazz On A Saturday is still doing what it started out to do – broadcasting great jazz and news about the jazz scene. Special events include our 2000th program last year and our annual live broadcast from the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz (2015 was our eighth).

Today the team comprises (left to right) John Smyth, Roger Beilby, John Trudinger and Geoff Tobin. Their individual jazz perspectives provide great diversity and depth to the weekly program. They look forward to your company at 4pm on Saturday afternoon on 855 AM or Digital Radio, or at any time anywhere in the world via 3CR's Audio on Demand (replay link on this page).

And our thanks to the Victorian Jazz Club and the many generous listeners to the program that have helped keep us (and 3CR) on air over that time.

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