Rock and Roots

Sunday 2:00am to 6:00am
Roots and Rock n Roll Music.


Mark Langdale, John Symons and Peter Rice


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Rock and Roots

About Rock and Roots

The Rock and Roll Roots show - or as it's usually called, Rock and Roots - kicked off on 23 October 2005, featuring presenters Mark Langdale, Benny Gregersen and program co-ordinator Peter Rice. Over the years Rock and Roots has had some programmers come and go, with the line up in 2016-17 being Mark Langdale, John Symons, Michele Vescio, and Peter Rice.

Rock and Roots explores the musical roots of the rock and roll genre but is specifically about rock and roll itself, and tops off 3CR's brilliant array of Saturday music programming. Rock and Roots loosely follows hourly genres of hillbilly and rockabilly at 2am, jazz swing and boogie woogie at 3am, R&B and blues at 4am, and a mix and match of any and all of the above in the last hour (plus a few more), depending on the presenter! Hawaiian, cajun, and bluegrass are often to be heard on Rock and Roots from time to time as well.

John Symons has been presenting Rock and Roots since late 2010, and with a background in music programming for many years at the historic Melbourne radio icon which was 3SA, he brings great jazz, swing, boogie woogie and blues to Rock and Roots.  John also often features great rock and roll, rockin' hillbilly, and surf music between 2 and 3am, and his jazz hour between 3 and 4am is regularly filled with amazing and rare jazz gems.

Mark Langdale (aka 'Mr 45') has been broadcasting on a number of music programs for nearly twenty-five years at 3CR, and regularly presents great western swing, hillbilly and 50's rock and roll on Rock and Roots.  Mark regularly produces Rock and Roots one-off specials, dedicated to doo-wop, R&B, and rockabilly, and occasionally produces a few dedicated year specials - a 1952 special broadcast which Mark broadcasted in 2011 made the 3CR phone run red hot, saying something for a program which airs live at 2am on a Sunday morning!

Peter Rice has been presenting music programs at 3CR for nearly fifteen years, with a special interest in early rock and roll music roots, and 78 rpm records. Often broadcasting original 78rpm discs from as far back as the 1920s (which has occasionally had Mark Langdale tagging Peter on air as 'Mr 78'), many original and rare recordings of many artists feature on Rock and Roots, which simply cannot or will not be found or heard anywhere else. Hard rocking blues and heavier sides of rock and roll can also be regularly expected on Peter's programs after 4 and 5am, with leanings towards 60's progressive rock, early metal, punk and occasionally psychobilly, and also with a strong focus on Australian performers and artists.  Peter is also not shy to dissect current political matters, also often directly reflected in the music he presents.

Listen to Rock and Roots live each week between 2am and 6am on Sunday mornings (or during the week via the audio-on-demand link above on this page) - for different presenters who share well over 60 years of radio music programming between them, and a wealth of great music and gems from 'wayback when' to the present, all of which you will simply never hear anywhere else.