Fishing boats in a bay in the morning: Clouds, sea and water
2 Oct 2022
Presenter: Judith Peppard; Guests: Cat Dorey (AMCS); Markus Nolle (Apollo Bay Fisherman's Co-op); Lisa Deppeler (OCEAN); Yaraan Couzens-Bundle (SOPEC)
Traditional Owner looks at picture of gas field
24 Sep 2022
Presenter: Megan Williams; Guests: Naish Gawen (Environment Centre Northern Territory) & Leroy Johnson (Malyangaapa Barkindji Wimpitja)
Beautiful sunset in soft colours with a stunning landscape vista in foreground of native bushland and grass trees.
18 Sep 2022
Guest presenter: Nicky Page; Guests: Victor Steffenson from Firesticks Alliance, and Kangaroo Island resident Lara Tilbrook
Benny Zable in costume
11 Sep 2022
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guest: Benny Zable
4 Sep 2022
Presenter: Eiddwen Jeffery; Guests: Dr Zoe Richards (Curtin University) & Rohan Lloyd
Close-up portrait of the artist. She is an older woman with short silver hair wearing glasses and dangling earings, a colourful orange scarf with a pale blue sweater, and smiling.
28 Aug 2022
Guest presenter: Nat Grant; Guest: Elizabeth Russell-Arnot
4 high school students in uniform smiling in parliament house
21 Aug 2022
Presenters: Jacob Gamble & Bursts; Guests: Ravin Desai, Patrick Holmes (YMCA Youth Parliament), Rachel Ridley (Planet Ark), Professor Usha Iyer-Raniga (RMIT), Alex (Greece)
14 Aug 2022
Presenter: Megan Williams; Guests: Helen Dalton, Ross Leddra
17 Jul 2022
Presenter: Eiddwen Jeffery, Guests: Alex Maisey and Peter Jacobs