As the climate warms, lives and livelihoods are at stake in Sub Saharan Africa

Sunday, 23 April 2023 - 10:30am to 11:00am
Loss, Damage and Denial: Young Voices from Sub Saharan Africa

Despite contributing the least to global emissions, Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most climate vulnerable regions in the world. With economic dependence on agriculture, high levels of poverty, and political instability in some regions, a more unstable climate will exacerbate existing issues. 

Young people are leading action on the climate crisis, but there are growing calls for more funding from the Global North.  

On today’s Earth Matters, we speak to two climate activists, Kondwani Mubisa from Malawi and Kaigama Ismael from Cameroon, about the climate losses experienced in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

In partnership with the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, a global network of young climate activists advocating for climate finance, Earth Matters will be highlighting youth perspectives on loss and damage across the world in a mini series 'Loss, Damage, and Denial'. 

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Sunday 11:00am to 11:30am
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Phil Evans, Bec Horridge, Eiddwen Jeffery, Judith Peppard & Jacob Gamble