Indonesia: forest peoples recognition and rights

Sunday, 7 May 2023 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Avi Mahaningtyas and  a younger Patrick Anderson who is locked to a dozer by the neck.

Forest campaigners Avi Mahaningtyas and Patrick Anderson talk about the importance of recognising forest peoples rights in  Indonesia, the  30 by 30 Biodiversity Convention, the effectiveness of tropical timber boycotts and certification, the success of lobbying financiers,  the effect of social media, and the slow food movement.



Avi Mahaningtyas is a     board member of the. Shas been working in the non government sector in Indonesia for the last 25 years. Her main focuses have been environmental policy and practice, community business development, women’s empowerment, indigenous peoples rights and governance reform. Avi is an environmental consultant and knowledge facilitator.


Patrick Anderson, is with The Rainforest Information Centre and is a policy advisor with the Forest Peoples Programme, a human rights group that supports forest peoples’ struggles throughout the wet tropics


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