Kill superannuation stone cold dead
23 Jul 2021
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guest Dr. Cameron Murray (economist)
Mystery Celebrities & Mutual Obligations
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guests Luke McGregor (comedian & economist), Riccardo Welters (economist)
Anne & Kevin
Does full funding fund the Australian government?
28 May 2021
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guest Avis Williamson (proponent MMT), guest Professor Martin Watts (economist)
#TheirBudget 2021
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts)
Waiting for Free Universal Childcare
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guests Melinda (mother and careers counsellor), Professor Guyonne Kalb (economist)
A 1950s Economy for Women
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts)
Introduction to MMT
26 Mar 2021
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guest Mischa Herman (sound engineer)
Inflation: Don't F*ck Up The Resources!
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guest Zoltan Bexley (proponent MMT)