Professor Bill Mitchell: Fighting Inflation and Unemployment
22 May 2020
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guest Professor Bill Mitchell (economist)
When is a debt not a debt?
8 May 2020
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guest Joshua Dalton (Modern Money Australia)
Jobs for a just transition
24 Apr 2020
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guests Professor Bill Mitchell (economist), Dr. Steven Hail (economist), Alex North (unemployment activist)
During a cronovirus crisis or other times, we can make an economy that works for everyone
10 Apr 2020
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts); guest Dr. Steven Hail (economist)
Deficit: I do not think it means what you think it means.
27 Mar 2020
Anne and Kevin (co-hosts)
The Story of Money
13 Mar 2020
Kevin & Anne with special guest Jengis Osman
Two climate protectors locked onto a barrel on a coal train line, with smoke masks on.
21 Feb 2020
Jam, Djanko, El and Anisa
John Maynard Keynes
14 Feb 2020
Anne & Kevin (co-hosts); guests Dr. Victor Quirk, Duncan Wallace
25 Oct 2019
Andy Fleming, Cam Smith, Belinda Hawkins