A Hostile System: Australia's Treatment of Unemployed Workers

Friday, 22 July 2022 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Australia's Treatment of Unemployed Workers

We've proven it! Beyond a shadow of a doubt. The current "employment services" system is "mean", "horrible" and "hostile" for no legitimate reason.

We speak with Associate Professor Elise Klein, about how the previous conservative Coalition government in Australia ran a "natural experiment." Brought on by the covid pandemic, the results of what would otherwise have been an unethical trial, show that people relying on social security benefits are suffering needlessly.

The temporary increase in unemployment benefits reduced poverty to almost zero, and proved the government can afford to make these payments. The temporary suspension of mutual obligations proved unemployed workers do not need to be subjected to the sadistic regime of "mutual obligations" in order to make valuable contributions to their families, community and society.

Why is the current Labor government okay with the continued abuse of unemployed workers? Maybe you should contact employment minister Tony Burke, and ask him.

The Hon, Tony Burke, MP
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Dear Minister, ...

Perhaps Tony Burke could speak with his colleague Andrew Charlton, federal Labor MP in the seat of Parramatta, who in November 2021 said, "If you raise the unemployment benefit... you will lift an enormous number of people out of poverty... it's very hard to understand why that wouldn't be a big priority".


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