Talkback with Attitude: Outside Broadcast from Barak Beacon

Thursday, 27 July 2023 - 10:00am to 11:00am

 This special episode of Talkback with Attitude was broadcast live and direct from the Barak Beacon Public Housing Estate in Port Melbourne on 27 July 2023, where the last remaining resident Margaret Kelly continues to resist eviction while the surrounding residences are demolished.

 Highlighting the current situation at Barak Beacon, why we should retain, repair and reinvest in public housing (NOT privately-run "social" housing), we have an open discussion on housing issues and solutions — with Margaret, her supporters, and other public housing activists and advocates on-site on the day. 


 Join the Vigil: Mon-Fri 3-5pm, at the corner of Beacon Rd/The Boulevard, all welcome.

 Check out Save Barak Beacon & Defend and Extend Public Housing for more info, updates and events.

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