Australian Film Content in Age of Netflix, Afghanistan Update, and Australian Prison Unions

Monday, 18 October 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Two pairs of hands reach for each other through prison bars

Monday Breaky October 18th

with Phuong and Jacob //
7.00AM: Annie McLoughlin on Showreel brings an excerpt from an interview where Ebony Bennett hosted Matthew Deaner, CEO of Screen Producer Australia and actor/producer Erik. They spoke on how Australian content can be maintained with the supremacy of the Streaming Services like Netflix. You can find the full interview on Australia Institute's YouTube page. //
7.30AM: Alice Golds on Wednesday Breakfast caught up with Azadah Raz Mohammed, lawyer and PHD student at the University of Melbourne, talks to us about Afghanistan under the Taliban, her own life in Kabul and experience coming to Australia, and the countries that acknowledge the Taliban and may invest in the development of a Taliban Afghanistan. //
7.50AM: Jacob and Phuong chat about news headlines. //
8.05AM: Jacob Grech speaks with Brett Collins from Justice Action on life inside Australian prisons during COVID-19 and the campaign to build prison unions. This report was brought to you by James Brennan on Stick Together. //
Red Lights by Kitty Rae