May Day 2020

Wednesday, 29 April 2020 - 11:51am
May Day 2020 image by Sam Wallman

7.00am  Friday Breakfast 
The economic crisis created by COVID 19 has meant that millions of workers in Australia today are facing the prospect of no work, no pay and an unstable future. The most vulnerable workers like casuals, visa holders and immigrants are left on the scrap heap while Morrison gives free handouts to business.  The Green Left Weekly Radio Collective brings you a May Day Special featuring highlights from the ‘Workers fightback: No worker left behind’ forum organised by Socialist Alliance & Green Left alongside updates and events.  Listen.

8.30am  Beyond Zero Science and Solutions 
Nat, Kay and Michael will be discussing the great change Newcastle has made from having the largest coal port in the world to going to 100% renewables.  Listen.

9.00am Left After Breakfast presented by Judith Peppard.
May Day!: David Palmer, International Labor Historian and Associate at the University of Melbourne, discusses the origins of May Day, the beginnings of the 8-hour day movement in Melbourne and what we’re learning about essential workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Listen.

The impact of Covid19 on hospitality workers:  Paul Johnston has worked in hospitality for 18 years. He offers a personal perspective of the industry and the impact of Covid-19 on the people he has worked with.

Australian women’s unpaid Labor:  Lyn Craig, a professor in sociology at the University of Melbourne speaks about Australian women's unpaid labor and participation in the workforce.  Read her article for The Conversation 'COVID-19 has laid bare how much we value women’s work, and how little we pay for it'.  

Rising rates of silicosis among workers in Australia
There’s been an increase in silicosis in Australia. Professor Lin Fritschi, an epidemiologist who studies occupational causes of cancer, speaks about the causes of the increase in silicosis and the limitations of the Interim Advice to the Minister Health provided by the National Dust Diseases Task Force. 

10am Think Again
Jennifer Borrell and Jacques Boulet from the Borderlands Cooperative discuss historical and future changes for work and workers.  Listen.

10.30am Stick Together International Workers' Memorial Day
Annie McLoughlin brings you audio from this years online Workers Memorial Day event ‘Remember the dead and fight like hell for the living’ organised by Victorian Trades hall.  Listen.

11.00am Blak n Deadly 
First Nations news and analysis with Robbie Thorpe and Viv Malo.   Featuring Adam Frogley, NTEU National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Coordinator, talking about the Victorian WAMPAN 'Payback' stolen wages campaign and updates from Lara Watson from First Nations Workers Alliance.   

Listen to the interviews:  Adam FrogleyLara Watson.

12.00pm May Day Specials
Michele Vescio speaks with Pareen Minhas, Organiser with the United Workers Union, about the Undocumented Migrants Solidarity campaign and the Undocumented Migrants COVID-19 Fund, in the context of workers’ rights in the current social and political landscape in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Listen.

Dirt Radio: Are cooperatives the future?
What will the post lockdown world look like? What examples can we look at for alternative ways of operating? Megan speaks with Katherine Cunningham from Earthworker and Godfrey Moase from Cooperative Power about the place for cooperatives in a post-capitalist world.  Listen.

1.00pm Music Matters 
May Day Music Matters will be a minestrone of working songs, of struggle, hard times and a call out to be determined to fight for a more equitable future for all the workers of the world, especially after COVID-19!  Listen.

2.00pm Burning Vinyl 
Matt Gleeson brings you two hours of workers songs for May Day.  Listen.

4.00pm In Ya Face 
James McKenzie talks with Brisbane activist Johnny Valerie about work issues for trans folks recovering from surgery.  He also talks with Peaches from Vixen Collective about work rights issues for sex workers and impacts on workers during the pandemic, including accessing financial support.  Daniel Conensoli from the LGBTI Health Alliance speaks with James about their new campaign to assist service providers during the pandemic.  Listen.

5.00pm A Friday Rave 
Jacob Grech brings his kitchen table analysis of May Day, Tracking App & Arms sales with a slant you won’t find anywhere else.  Listen.

5.30pm SUWA 
Presented by Melbourne members of the Industrial Workers of the World. Featuring JB-HiFi workers campaigning with RAFFWU on safety issues, with almost 1000 JB-HiFi employees having signed the petition calling on the company to close stores to the public and give workers special paid leave. Also on the show, discussion of the global spread of rent strikes, mutual aid campaigns and the growing talk of a general strike in 2020.  Listen.

May Day 3CR kitchen stickers
Tuesday 9:00am to 9:30am
Each year on May 1, International Workers Day, communities from around the world join in to celebrate the achievements of the labour movement and to show solidarity with the continued struggle for labour rights everywhere.



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