May Day 2022

Sunday, 1 May 2022 - 12:00am to 11:59pm
Celebrate May Day, Sunday 1 May 2022

Join us in celebration of May Day with special programming on Sunday 1 May. Each year on May 1 communities from around the world join in celebrating the achievements of the labour movement and show solidarity with the continued struggle for labour rights everywhere. 3CR will be bringing you coverage and analysis of local and international labour issues and a LIVE cross to the 2022 Melbourne May Day Rally from midday.

9.15 – 9.30am    Alternative News    
Romina Beitseen + Andrew Irving are joined by Burt Blackburn, John Speight and Len Cooper from the Melbourne May Day Committee to disuss the history of May Day.  Listen

9.30 – 10.30am    Creatures of the Industry     
Previous Concrete Gang programmer Ralph 'Warren' Edwards presents Creatures of the Industry, an ongoing series of oral history interviews with the people that made the building and construction industry in Melbourne and Regional Victoria since the 1960s. The COTI podcasts are sponsored by the Concrete Gang in cooperation with 3CR Community Radio. Series 2, Episode 1 features a conversation with Peter Welsh, Daryl McGaw and Mick Cody, focusing on their experiences with the contract scaffolding sector of the industry, in particular. Produced by Karina Aedo.

11 – 11.30am    Earth Matters    
Reflections on the Success of the Indian farm workers strikes: Global significance. Feminist Navsharan Singh reflects on the crucial role of women workers in mobilising the 2020-21 Indian farmers and agricultural workers strike, and film maker/activist Navkiran Natt reflects on the success of resistive counter measures by the farmers movement against government driven media propaganda during the strike.  Presented by Nicky Stott. Listen

11.30 -12pm    Out Of the Blue    
Heather Maginn looks at the significant contribution that community work makes to the protection of Victoria's marine environment and how people can get involved. Listen

12 - 3pm  May Day 2022 Rally and March Live Broadcast.    
From midday we'll be crossing live to the May Day event on the corner of Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton for interviews with local campaigners as crowds gather for the annual Naarm-Melbourne May Day rally.  Presented by Marisol Salinas (Mujeres Latinoamericanas) & Katia Lallo (Done By Law).    
Stay tuned for voices from the march from 1.30pm brought to us by Jiselle Hanna (Asia Pacific Currents) followed by the rally speeches to take us through to 3pm, brought to us by Annie McLoughlin (Stick Together & Solidarity Breakfast).


3 - 4pm    Queering the Air
Jacob Gamble brings us an hour on Queer workers rights.  Featuring an interview with Amy Sargeant from the National Tertiary Education Union on creating safe workplaces for queer/trans people and their proposal for gender affirmation leave.  Sasja from Behind Closed Doors interviews Tiffany on their experiences as trans street sex workers.  Drag performers Timberlina and Foxxe Faux on creating a drag agency in Newcastle and bringing drag to regional NSW. Listen

4 - 5pm    Salaam Radio Show
DJ Marroushti with the usual exciting mix of new, modern and reinterpreted sounds of Arabic music and on workers day discussing the challenges of artists getting paid for their work. Listen


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Tuesday 9:00am to 9:30am
Each year on May 1, International Workers Day, communities from around the world join in to celebrate the achievements of the labour movement and to show solidarity with the continued struggle for labour rights everywhere.



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May Day 2022

1 May 2022
Join us in celebration of May Day with special programming on Sunday 1 May.

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