Al-Anon Recovery
Bill (Presenter) & Annette and Silvana (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
FA Website https://www.foodaddicts.org/
Bill (Presenter) & Louise and Violet (from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)
AA Women's group
Bill (Presenter) & Annie (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Gamblers Anonymous can help if you want to stop gambling
Bill (Presenter) & Jay (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Erin and Maria (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Bill (Presenter) & El and Summer (from Narcotics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Caz and Catherine (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Rebekah (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Helen (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Bill (Presenter) & Sandra and Anna (from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)