Bill (Presenter) & James and Christine (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Anne and Bethy (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Bill (Presenter) & Louise (from Overeaters Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Steve (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & John and Ian (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Wilma and Robyn (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Overeaters Anonymous
Bill (Presenter) & Sam (from Overeaters Anonymous)
Food Addicts
Bill (Presenter) & Abbie and Joan (from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)
AA is it for You
Bill (Presenter) & Carol and Peter (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Gamblers Anonymous
Bill (Presenter) & Ram (from Gamblers Anonymous)