Bill (Presenter) & Paul (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Al-Anon journey of recovery
Bill (Presenter) & Jennifer and Del (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
FearLess - Helping people with PTSD
Bill (Presenter) & Alex Gerrick (CEO of FearLess Outreach)
Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
Bill (Presenter) & Jo (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Kevin (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Margaret (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Food Addicts website
Bill (Presenter) & Therese and Faye (from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)
Is alcohol costing you more than money?
Bill (Presenter) & Paul (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Ange (from Gamblers Anonymous)
In Al-Anon I have choices
Bill (Presenter) & Christine (from Al-Anon Family Groups)