Bill (Presenter) & Yaakov (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous - Quote
Bill (Presenter) & Mary and Margot (from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Zoey (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Michael (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Al-Anon - Recovery is a journey
Bill (Presenter) & Brenda and Celeste (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Bill (Presenter) & T'Mara and Jan (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Chrissy and Michael (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Yvonne and John (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Ann (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Bill (Presenter) & Gail and Steve (from Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon)