Underweight, overweight, obsessed with food?
Bill (Presenter) & Anna and Frances (from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)
Alcohol is more than a drink
Bill (Presenter) & Ingrid (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Compulsive Gambling
Bill (Presenter) & Michael (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Bill (Presenter) & Anthony (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Al-Anon helps the family of alcoholics
Bill (Presenter) & Don (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Alcoholism Alcoholics Recovery
Bill (Presenter) & Lisa (from Alcoholics Anonymous)
Compulsive Gambling Gamblers Anonymous
Bill (Presenter) & Ram (from Gamblers Anonymous)
Recovery is a journey, not a destination.
Bill (Presenter) & Rita (from Al-Anon Family Groups)
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
Bill (Presenter) & Samantha and Rosanne (from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)
Alcoholics Anonymous
Bill (Presenter) & Jane (from Alcoholics Anonymous)