20th Anniversary CD

Wednesday, 1 May 1996 - 3:45pm
20th Anniversary CD

This CD is deditcated to the huge number if station workers who have contributed so much to 3CR over the last twenty years.



The test broadcasts and the very first broadcast of 3CR. The formation of the Community Radio Federation and its first license. Early programming at the station and the transmitter move to Collingwood.

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1980 - 1985

The Cromwell Street days, in a draughty, hot and cold wharehouse. Early controversy and vigorous discussion about the direction of the station. Radiothons for the station and for other organisations, are formalised.

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The move to Smith Street with more space and new studios. Wider coverage of the new peace movements, drama, and more sophisticated equipment leads to more adventurous production. First broadcast of International Women's Day. Women On The Line begins, and a Women's Coordinator is appointed.

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Stability at last. The station is established in its own building. The search for a permanent transmitter site continues and is finally succeddful. Twenty years of community broadcasting is clebrated.

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Historic Broadcasts
3CR has an amazing history of broadcasting important political and activist events. Here are a few from our archives.



Westgate Bridge disaster 50 years on

30 Sep 2020
On 15 October 1970 the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne collapsed during construction killing 35 people and injuring many more. Over the decades 3CR has commemorated this disaster with radio documentaries, oral histories, interviews and roll calls. We will remember.

40 days to celebrate 40 years

18 Oct 2016
Celebrate the station's forty years with forty days of historical specials

Nelson Mandela on 3CR 1990

24 Dec 2013
On October 25 1990 3CR broadcast live from the Melbourne Town Hall, where Nelson Mandela had come to address the Victorian trade union movement.

20th Anniversary CD

1 May 1996
Made in 1996 - a snapshot of 20 years of broadcasting