Episode 6: After the fires: Errinundra, forest protection and a celebration

Thursday, 4 January 2024 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

In today’s final episode, we will hear about how in 2019 the Victorian Government finally announced an end to old growth logging, and the protection of 90000 hectares of forest, including Kuark in East Gippsland. Just four months later, catastrophic bushfires devastated eastern Australia, yet even this did not stop native forest logging. We will discuss the impact of that, working with traditional owners, and our last blockade at Errinundra, before the announcement only months ago of the end to native forest logging in Victoria, and then to the GECO 30 celebration.

This episode features First nation Bidwell family members  – Bevan Harrison, Harry Terrick, Desley O’Dwyer, and Derek Hayes. You also heard from  Kim, Jo,  Quokka, Noonz, Rendzyl, Rena, Isaac, Owen, Darcy, Sarah Mac, Zian, Meg, Eve, Chris, Tuffy, Neatz, Janet Rice, and Danya Jacobs.

Additional audio from 3CR’s Earth Matters and City Limits. Post production by 3CR’s Juliet Fox and music on today’s show was the Goolengook Song by John Fraser, Combat Wombat and the Bigots featuring Rena. 

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Forest protests at Goolengook, East Gippsland - Tony Hastings
A series that looks back on the wins, losses and lessons of a thirty year campaign to protect the forests of East Gippsland in Victoria. 


Fiona York and friends



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Episode 6: After the fires: Errinundra, forest protection and a celebration

4 Jan 2024
In this final episode, we discuss the bushfires, blockade at Errinundra, the end to native forest logging and the GECO party.

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