Bonus episode: Remembering forest defenders we have lost

Thursday, 18 January 2024 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Shrine at GECO 30th party

Fiona is joined by two GECO campaigners, Anita and Kim, who will be remembering our “dead legends” of the forest campaign, in a memorial tribute we were planning for our 30th anniversary party. In paying tribute to these forest defenders, we also pay tribute to all the forests that we lost along the way - the two are intrinsically linked, and what we all shared is our love and connection to the forests of East Gippsland. 

We are remembering 33 forest defenders who have passed away. The episode contains some of their voices, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

This special memorial episode coincides with the one year anniversary of the day Tortuguita, a forest defender, was killed by police at a forest blockade in Atlanta in the United States. The day, January 18, has now been declared the Day of the Forest Defender, in memory of Tortuguita, and all the fallen defenders of the Earth.  

Memory is our weapon.  

Rest in power and peace - our lost forests and our forest legends. 

Eulogy for Brendy Maggot, Robin Hobgoblin and Flynny written and read by Mo.

Music by Madeline Hudson, Thugs and Terrorists, Mutiny, Dani and Elissa, John Fraser, and Jai Cooper.

Forest protests at Goolengook, East Gippsland - Tony Hastings
A series that looks back on the wins, losses and lessons of a thirty year campaign to protect the forests of East Gippsland in Victoria. 


Fiona York and friends



Bonus episode: Remembering forest defenders we have lost

18 Jan 2024
Remembering all the forest defenders (and the forests) we have lost along the way

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