Disability Day 2013

Tuesday, 3 December 2013 - 9:00am
Disability Day 2013

3CR Community Radio's  Special Broadcast for International Day of People with Disability on Tuesday December 3rd 2013 on 855AM, 3CR Digital and Streaming Live at www.3cr.org.au Twitter Facebook


6.30am - Welcome

Welcome to 3CR’s 12 hour broadcast for International Day of People with a Disability!

Our theme this year is Welcome to Our World – thanks to a brilliant summary of the experience of disability by the Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra.

We start the day with speakers and guests at the 2013 Disability & Digital Inclusion Forum and hear about The Lab, a technology club for young people with Aspergers Syndrome and Autism, and a South Australian research project enabling people with disabilities to communicate, sometimes for the first time, using accessible notebooks and software.

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7.00am - Tuesday Breakfast

A critical look at news and current affairs with Odile Gotts, Lourdes Garcia-Larque, and Ania Anderst, including a tribute to Lesley Hall, lifelong feminist and disability advocate; examination of the relationship between war and disability with the Medical Association for Prevention of War; and discussion of access to disability services and programs in regional Victoria; and a personal perspective of disability activism and vision impairment with Marisa Sposaro.

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8.30am - Accent of Women

Lourdes García-Larqué speaks with Esther Simbi, a Sudanese woman growing up in refugee camps in Uganda for 19 years, until 2005, when she moved to Australia. Esther is now a social worker, a strong advocate for women and a candidate of Dignity4Disability in South Australia. She speaks on the living conditions in a refugee camp as a woman with a disability, and the challenges that women from refugee backgrounds with disabilities and their families face in Australia.

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9.00am - Women on the Line

Aoife Cooke examines the sexual rights of women with disabilities and focuses on the recent publication of the First Report of the Senate Inquiry into the Involuntary or Coerced Sterilisation of People with a Disability. This show was originally broadcast in July 2013.

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9.30am - Mind Your Manners…

Writer blogger and activist Carly Findlay talks about why it's rude to point, stare, offer unsolicited prayers and healing, or tell a person they've got a disability because they're a sinner!  Apparently we still need to have this conversation….

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10.00am - Indearts

John Harding explores the world of independent musicians with disability, and speaks to Gilla McGuinness (Koori Survival Show) about the experience of disability in the Koori community.

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12.00pm - Earth Matters

Helen Gwilliam talks to David Lewis, CBM Australia, about the disproportionate impact of climate change and natural disasters on people with disability in the poorest communities in the world. We also hear about a powerful coalition of fracking protestors and people with disabilities protesting against energy policy and government-created poverty in the UK.

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12.30pm - Freedom of Species

Kate Elliott introduces us to the work of Sunaura (Sunny) Taylor, a US painter, writer and activist. Sunaura was born with arthrogryposis and uses a wheelchair. She is also an abolitionist vegan. Through her literary and artistic work she explores the commonalities between ableism and speciesism.

Sunny’s publications include The Right Not to Work: Disability and Capitalism, and Beasts of Burden: Animals and Disability. She is also co-founder of the disability arts collective, Yelling Clinic.

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1.00pm - The Boldness

The Boldness celebrates Disability Day with news, views and entertainment with Phineas Meere and Daniel Kirby. Featuring Kelly Vincent MLC, member of the South Australian Parliament for the Dignity For Disability party, we look at the experience so far of the NDIS in Geelong, find out about the Special Olympics, and we remember Lesley Hall, a pioneering advocate and feminist.

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2.00pm - Are You Listening to This?

Live from Federation Square hosted by Liz Wright, with music from the Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra, Heidi Everett and The Hackkets!

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4.00pm - Shut Down - Caloola21

Caloola Training Centre was a large institution in Sunbury housing more than 500 people with intellectual disability.

At Caloola21 the Office of the Public Advocate brought together residents, family & friends to mark the 21st anniversary of the closure of Caloola in October 1992, and to look forward to a future where no person with disability is forced to live in an institution.

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5.00pm - Stick Together

Disabled workers of the world unite!  Annie McLoughlin looks at discrimination and industrial issues affecting workers and job seekers with disability, featuring members of the Banksia Gardens Ambassadors Project, young people with disability sharing their stories of leaving school and moving to employment, study, training or community participation.

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5.30pm - The Power of 504

"The Occupation Army of Cripples has taken over…"

In 1973 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the first federal civil rights protection for people with disabilities became law in the United States.  But the law couldn't be enforced until regulations were passed. 

In 1977, after 4 years of bureaucratic and political delay, around 200 people with disabilities staged a sit-in at the San Francisco Federal building that lasted 26 days, with support from unions and catering from the Black Panthers! 

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6.00pm - Done By Law

Chris Povey speaks to the Victorian Women and Mental Health Network about the continuing outrage of mixed-gender psychiatric wards in Victoria and the consequent assaults and other crimes against patients.

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3CR presenter Jane Rosengrave
3CR’s Disability Day Broadcast presented and produced by people with disabilities and chronic illness.



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