1 Oct 2023
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guest: Katrin Geyer: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Anna Reynolds: Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy , Natalie Sifuma: SHE Changes Climate
A highway billboard from State Forests spray painted over with Worth More Standing
24 Sep 2023
Sean O Shannessy: Campaigner: Northeast Forest Alliance, Presenter of Environmental as Anything at River FM. Bob Brown: Bob Brown Foundation, North Coast Environment Council.
17 Sep 2023
Phil Evans, Alexa Stuart, Shaun Murray,
3 Sep 2023
Eiddwen and Dr Kit Prendergast
Save Westernport Campaign
27 Aug 2023
Presenter: Judith Peppard Guests: Dyan Summers; Candy Van Rood; Jane Carnegie; Julia Stockigt; Chris Atmore; Sacha Guggenheimer; Belinda Lewis
20 Aug 2023
Eiddwen Jeffery, Ian Lowe
Flag of Colombia: Yellow blue and red flavia-carpio-P3PFi8THbUs-unsplash
13 Aug 2023
Presenter: Judith Peppard Guests: Liliana Davalos, Neil Woods
Margaret Reynolds from WILPF
6 Aug 2023
Phil Evans and Margaret Reynolds
The Path to a Sustainable Civilization
29 Jul 2023
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guests: Mark Diesendorf, Rod Taylor