Air pollution from coal-burning is killing hundreds of Australia every year. Image via Greenpeace
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Bob Vickers (GP in Singleton, NSW); Bronya Lipski (Lawyer EJA).
2 women sit in an iconic vintage style cast iron bed painted white with brass knobs on a luxurious mattress with a white sheet. The two women are young, fresh faced and smiling. The bed has been raised up with ropes high above the ground up a huge old blue gum too create an unusual and striking looking tree sit high in the forest canopy. A banner is draped of the bed that saya Forest Defence NSW and FDN, and also depicts a picture of a more classic looking tree-sit with the words Defend Native Forests
Presenters: Nicky Stott, Juliet Fox & Andy Paine Guests: Chris Schuringa (GECO); Issaac Carne (Errinundra blockade); Miranda Gibson (NSW Forest Defenders & Camp Olney))
An aerial view of Lake Torrens with the north end cut off, as well as west and east tributaries. The colours are muted and mystical pastels. It is very beautiful.
Presenter: Joy Lothian; Guests: Andrew Starkey (Kokatha Senior Lawman) & Keith Thomas (SA Native Title Services)
A yellow and black sign with a melting clock with alarmed face. Climate Action Now
Presenter: Bec Horridge. Guests: Nathan Harris, Jack Egan, Cath Bowden, Dr Michelle Hamrosi, Jed Johnson
Photograph of protestor's torso from the back. They are wearing a hoodie that says "We are not blaming you for what your ancestors did. We are begging you to uplift a system built by them that oppress the oldest living culture in the world. You can not kill us all. You can not silence us. You can change the world.
Presenter: Nicky Stott Speakers: Mandy Nicholson, Lidia Thorpe, Gary Foley & Many Others
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Yuyun Harmono (WALHI Indonesia); Chris Schuringa (GECO)
a photograph that has been artistically altered to depict a burned out and parched landscape with blackened tree stumps and a skyline that looks like it's on fire
Production: Nicky Stott; Speakers: Dipti Bhatnagar& Sara Shaw (FoE Int.); Gopal Dayaneni & Tom Wakeford (ETC Group)
A diagram of a spongy soil full of microorganisms, fungi and water.
Presenter: Bec Horridge: Guests: Cindy Eiritz, Walter Jehne
Polly Cutmore
Presenter: Bec Horridge Guests: Polly Cutmore , Gill, Chris, Anni: Knitting Nannas & Friends For Freedom From Fossil Fuels, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott: Arabunna Elder