Presenter : Bec Horridge,Guests: Margaret Pestorius: Stop Adani Cairns/ Wage Peace, Anthony Too: Stop Adani Cairns
Presenter: Bec Horridge. Guests: Ingrid Marker, Gudju Gudju; Tribal elder of the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Peter McCallum (Mackay Conservation Group); Bob Phelps (Gene Ethics)
AC Hunter with Jess Beckerling, Claire and Dom
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guest: Bruce Pascoe
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guests: Bruce & Annette Currie, Michael Kane
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Sandra Steingraber.
AC Hunter, Zac Romagnoli-Townsend
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guests: Sam La Rocca: Sunrise Project, Rachel Deans: Market Forces, Isaac Astill :Tipping Point
Presenter: Bec Horridge Guests: Juru Elder: Aunty Carol Prior, Journalist: Ben Smee, Stop Adani campaigners : Julie and Cassie.
Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Jack Mundey.
AC Hunter, Meriki Onus, Kim Kruger, Robbie Thorpe and Dtarneen Onus-Williams
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Cam Walker (Firneds of the Earth); Ferreira (activist in Yogyakarta, Indonesia).
Presenter: Bec Horridge Guests: Micklo Corpus [Traditional Owner from the Yawuru people, Kimberley], Pauline Cass [Lock the Gate, NT], Tim Forcey [Energy Advisor], Keri [President of Don't Frack Katherine].
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Amy, Jack, Sam from the ZAD.
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guests: 6 anonymous activists
Kerri-Lee Harding with guests
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guests: Alicia Dimovski, Marty Lockett
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Raj Patel.
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guests: Kaye Osborn, Cherry Hardaker
K.L Harding and Joelle Gergis - Climate Change Scientist
Presenter;Bec Horridge Guests: Ned Hargraves, Michael Ghillar Anderson, Hazel Davies, Graeme Dunstan
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guests: Jemila Rushton, Tim Wright, Ray Acheson, Alex Moulis, Regina McKenzie, Margie Beavis, Jessica Lawson, Dimity Hawkins, Gillian Hunter and AC Hunter
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Naomi Klein and Aamer Rahman.
Kerri-Lee with guest Dr Jacquie Kelly, Friends of Nyah Vinifera Forest
Presenter: Bec Horridge, Guest: Katheryn Kelly [Independant and Peaceful Australia Network], Dro Sue Wareham [Medical Association for the Prevention of War]
Kristy Walters and Daisy Barham
Kerri-Lee Harding with Dr Sally Norton Horsham Seedbank
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Atueta Rabuka, Krystelle Lavaki, Amelia Rigsby and Peter Sipeli
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guest: Karina Lester.
Kerri-Lee Harding with Rob Spence CEO of The Municipal Association of Victoria and Councillor Jennifer Anderson Mayor Maceden Ranges Shire Council.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Hannah Donnelly, Claire G Coleman, Ursula K Le Guin
Andreas Harsono, Usman Hamid
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Lou Sales (FoE emerging tech campaign); Sue Bolton (Toxic Free Fawkner)
Presenter: Kerri-Lee Harding. Guests: Kate West; Jen Rae; Allara Briggs; Jacinta Fuamatu.
Kerri-Lee Harding with Adrian Iodice - Beekeeping Naturally
Corey Green, Bill Yates, Lou Hollis
Kerri-Lee Harding with Adrian Iodice - Beekeeping Naturally
Present: Gem Romuld. Guest: Gideon Levy.
Earth Matters Frog
Kerri-Lee Harding and Freed-CIL
Corey Green, Margaret Pestorius, Richard Tanter, Scott Ludlam, Felicity Ruby, Graeme Dunstan
Kerri-Lee Harding with FREED CIL – A disability activist group based in Nevada US that produce a show called Disability Rap.
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guests: Sister Daisy Lisiana, Nenisa Ibak, Natalie Lowrey, Retired Colonel William Bartley, Lorena Morea.
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guests: Jenny Jack, Godfrey Abage, Natalie Lowrey, Retired Colonel William Bartley, Lorena Morea.
Corey Green, Dr John Beardall, Dr Martino Malerba
Kerri-Lee Harding, Aunty Reio Ellis, Lisa Maza, Muriel Spearim - Performer, Ellen Sandell State, Lidia Thorpe – Greens Candidate. Greens member of Parliament for Melbourne,• Samantha Ratten - Greens Victoria Leader ,
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Arran Gare (Swinburne University)
Presenter Gem Romuld. Guests: Uncle Ken Canning, Nioka Chatfield, Colin Chatfiel, Hector Dungay, Lizzie Jarrett, Woolombi Waters, Aranda Grandmothers
Earth Matters Frog
Presenter: Kerri-Lee Harding Guests: Panellists: Kirsty Lee Horswood - Warriors of the Aboriginal resistance also known as WAR and Catalina Catrileo – A Mapuche Nations Activist – Chile.
Earth Matters Frog
Kerri-Lee Harding with guest Scott Jordon - Campaign Coordinator for SAVE THE TARKINE.
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guests: Mathew Bing, Megan Armstrong and Karin Steininger
Corey Green, Pat Simons, Megan Wheatley
Earth Matters Frog
Corey Green, Julie Harris, Dominique Dybala, Imogen, Simone, Lily, Catherine, Jacqueline, Christian, Liam and Stella
Earth Matters Frog
Kerri Lee Harding speaks with Lisa McMurray & Rowan Foley.
Presenter: Gem Romuld. Guests: Vince Forrester, Barbara Shaw, Frank Curtis, Elaine Peckham and more.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Bronya Lipski (Environmental Justice Australia); Dr. Ben Ewald (Newcastle GP); Mike Campbell (Community campaigner, central coast NSW).
Corey Green, Louise Sales, Mark Wiesner PhD
Earth Matters Frog
Kerri-lee Harding - guests: Bindi Cole - Moorina Bonnini
Gem Romuld, Hollie Fifer, Natalie Lowrey, Brynn O'Brien
Corey Green, Wendy Farmer, Brian Snowden, Dr Chris Atmore
Corey Green, Madeline Wilson, Bruises
Guests: Vanessa Petrie & Neil Blake.
Earth Matters Frog
Kerri-Lee Harding & Timmah Ball & Kent Morris.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Pat Simons (Yes2Renewables); Wendy Farmer (Voices of the Valley)
Karina Lester, Lorna Munro, Elizabeth Jarrett, Rhyan Clapham
Corey Green, Uncle Badger (William) Bates, Jason Alexandra
Earth Matters Frog
Presenter: Kerri-lee Harding Guest: bryan Andy Yorta Yorta
Murrawah Johnson, Dylan Voller, Kirra Voller, Andy Paine, Else Kennedy
Corey Green, Dr Ravi Naidu, Brian Snowden, Mara Bonacci, Sue Bolton
Earth Matters Frog
Murrawah Johnson, Ariane Wilkinson, Isaac Astill
Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Setsuko Thurlow and Sue Coleman-Haseldine
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Millie Telford, Vaishali Patil.
Earth Matters Frog
Emma Kefford, Michelle Maloney
Corey Green, Michael Anderson, Kado Muir, Geoffrey Stokes
Kim Dravnieks, Simone van Hattem
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Ed Hill (GECO); Cam Walker and Michelle Van Gerrevink at the Goolengook blockade (archival audio from 1997); and the W Tree Promotion and Progress Association.
Presenter: Kerri-Lee Harding Guest: Paolla Bella Artist & Co-Curator
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Celeste Liddle; Murrawah Burragubba; Naomi Murphy.
Corey Green, Henrietta Marrie
Kerri-Lee Harding, Stephen Smith, Jane Nathan, Richard Kennedy, Ruth, Andrew, Ryan, Jane Nathan
Guests: Lidia Thorpe, Robbie Thorpe, Nayuka Gorrie, Gary Murray. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Earth Matters Frog
Raymond Grenfell. Tim Wright
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Jack Mundey (archival interview)
Earth Matters Frog
Emma Kefford
Earth Matters Frog
Guest: Teila Watson. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs.
Che, Rachel, Juanel, Amy, Kurt, Grant, Dell, Tom
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Wendy Farmer (Voices of the Valley); Cam Walker (Friends of the Earth).
Breony Carbines, Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Wangan & Jagalingou Family Council
Guests: Anthony Amis (Friends of the Earth), Dr.Alison Bleaney (National Toxics Network). Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Corey Green, Sue Bolton
Karina Lester, Rosemary Lester and Yami Lester
Ed Hill (Goongerah Environment Centre), Jules Kirby (Frack Free Future WA) Ellie (Earthworker). Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Corey Green, Alison Marchant, Suzanne Harter
Lisa Lumsden, Heather McIntyre, Edan Baxter
Guests: Chantelle Bowden (Ngurrara Ranger, Great Sandy Desert, Sophia Walter (Country Needs People). Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Corey Green, Nick Aberle from Environment Victoria, Wendy Farmer from Voices of the Valley, and Colin Long from Earthworker Cooperative
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, Barb Shaw, Kira Voller, Alison Furber, MK Turner, Mitch
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne.
Guests: Anne Harris (Coal Action Network UK), Robert McLaughlin (Bulga Residents), Kevin Taggart (Wonnarua Traditional Custodian). Presenter: Michaela Stubbs.
Corey Green, Dr Peter Spooner, Dr Vandana Shiva
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Professor Helen Berry (Climate Change Institute, ANU); Margarita Windisch.
Guests: Sam Castro (Friends of the Earth) Rebecca Prince Ruiz (Plastic Free July)
Corey Green, Ian Angus
Guests: Rebecca Hubbard (Stop the Trawler Alliance, Environment Tasmania), Dave Sweeney (ACF). Also featured archival audio of Jacqui Katona from 1997 Earth Matters Jabiluka special.
Neil Morris, Candy Royalle, Taeko Mutoh, the Lurkers, D Rad, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Anja Kanngieser and Daniel Jenatsch; Katharine Round and Leah Borromeo.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Vivianne and Regina McKenzie (Adnyamathanha, SA); Dr Margie Beavis (Medical Association for Prevention of War); Dr Jim Green (Friends of the Earth).
Guest: Cam Walker (FoE), Darren Perry (MLDRN) Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Corey Green, Robbie Thorpe, Boe Spearim, Clinton Pryor
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Jill Redwood (Environment East Gippsland); James Kerry (National Coral Bleaching Taskforce); Tony Fontes (Mackay Conservation Group).
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne, Guests: Ursula Rakova (Tulele Peisa); Wendy Flannery (Climate Frontlines, FoE Brisbane)
Rose Lester, Aunty Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Breony Carbines
Corey Green, Isaac Astill, Jack Mundey
Earth Matters Frog
Guest: Martin Baker (Greenpeace), TPP Union and Communities Roundtable. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Nonhle Mbuthuma, John Clarke
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Anthony Keenan (CSIRO Staff Association); archival Earth Matters from 2001 featuring Indira Narayan and Dimity Hawkins (produced by Juliet Fox)
Guests: Santos Aguilera, Kevin Bracken. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Alawiyya Jamal and Gathuru Mburu
Viv Malo, Robbie Thorpe, Gary Foley, Meriki Onus, Aunty Beryl Booth, Monica McDonald
The environmental impact of the world wide web.
Kerry Hinton and Fatima Jalali
Late last year we celebrated our 1000th show and it inspired us to take a listen back in our archives to celebrate the wonderful diversity of environmental and social justice stories that we've been broadcasting. As Invasion Day approaches, we play a repeat of a show produced by Indira Narayan in 2003 with recordings from a Survival Day forum on Yorta Yorta country. It features Monica Morgan and Margie Thorpe. I hope you enjoy the show and get inspired to join in the various Invasion/Survival day activities being organised for January 26.
Indira Narayan, Monica Morgan, Marjorie Thorpe
Climate change, the anthropocene, and capitalism.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Anja Kanngieser and Daniel Jenatsch; Katharine Round and Leah Borromeo.
A powerful combination of legal and direct action has halted illegal logging in East Gippsland.
Jill Redwood and Ed Hill
Earth Matters Frog
Voices and sounds from Flood the System mass civil disobedience for climate justice on Thursday 10th December in Melbourne.
Guests: Many voices from the action. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Tanzanians are all-too-familiar with the promises made and not kept by mining companies and the national government. Uranium enters the scene.
Flaviana Charles and Anthony Lyamunda
Earth Matters Frog
3 campains
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne, Regan Bleechmore. Guests: Amelia Telford & Paul Gorrie (SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network); Colin Long (NTEU); Natasha Saunders (Healthy Futures)
Today on Earth matters we will be hearing about some of the environmental and social justice issues being raised by community campaigners at the companies London and Perth annual general meetings over the last month. We'll hear from Nemekene Tundama, Bron & Hilberto Torre Martinez recorded at the demonstration outside the London AGM and a report from inside the meeting from London Mining Networks Richard Solly and Andy Whitmore. At the Perth AGM we speak with Charles Roche and Nikola Casule.
Guests: Richard Solly, Andy Whitmore, Charles Roche, Nikola Casule, Nemekene Tundama, Hilberto Torre Martinez and Bron. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs.
The Central Queensland mine was approved by Greg Hunt again in mid October. Mackay Conservation Group & ACF speak on the reapproval.
Basha Stasak from Australian Conservation Foundation, and Patricia Julian from the Mackay Environment Group
The Basin Plan is slowly increasing the environmental and cultural flows of the Murray-Darling river system, but it is already under attack.
Darren Perry and Will Mooney
Inside the science of climate change with Michael Mann.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Michael Mann.
We’re discussing the Federal government’s new data retention laws - and asking what will be it’s effects on activism, and democratic life more broadly.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Scott Ludlam (Greens Senator for W.A.); Tom Sulston (Thoughtworks)
We talk to Jim Dodrill from Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments about the ongoing campaign to clean up the New Chum toxic waste dump in Ipswich, Queensland.
Corey Green, Kevin Healy, Jim Dodrill
Another angle to crush dissent.
Nicola Paris, Cam Walker, Kirsty Albion, Ian Onley
We’re discussing the fallout from the Federal Government’s Anti-Radicalisation kit, and it’s framing of environmental activism as violent extremism.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Cam Walker (Friends of the Earth Australia); Lydia Shelly (lawyer, committee member of the New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties, co-founder of the Islamophobia register)
In the duplication of the Western Highway between Ararat and Beaufort, campaign group Western Highway Alternative Mindsets (WHAM) says that Vic Roads is grossly exceeding their Environmental Effects Statement, but Vic Roads argues that what they're doing is necessary for safety.
Corey Green, Helen Lewers from WHAM, Greg Moore from the University of Melbourne, Mick McCarthy from Vic Roads.
Earth Matters Frog
Today on Earth Matters we speak to various South Australian based activists about the campaign to stop BP's plan to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight's pristine ocean environment. Just five years on from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP are completing their Environment Plan and are hoping to begin exploratory drilling next year but South Australians are banding together to stop them. Today we'll hear some of those voices.
Guests: Bunna Lawrie, Breony Carbines, Margaret Thiselton, Peter Owen. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
A look at the first 999 episodes of Earth Matters - the history, some great archival audio and a look at Earth Matter's contribution to environmental and social justice movements.
Corey Green, Juliet Fox, Indira Naryan, Gab Reade, Nicky Stott and Helen Gwilliam
Action against the McArthur River Mine and shale gas fracking
Conrad Rory, Lauren Mellor, Tanya Hall
Earth Matters Frog
This week on Earth Matters we look at some examples of the way the arts are being employed to address environmental and social justice issues, understand the crisis we're in and move us to action. Arts and media maker Alex Kelly, Science Communicator Joe Duggan and Actorvist Chris Garrard join us on the show to talk about some of the arts based projects that they're involved with as change makers.
Guests: Alex Kelly, Joe Duggan, Chris Garrard. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Earth Matters Frog
An update on the campaign to stop the Adani's proposal for a coal mine on Wangan Jagalingou country in the Gallillee Basin in QLD. Last week Mackay Conservation Group won a Federal Court case challenging the legality of 'so called' Environment Minister Greg Hunt's approval for the Carmichael  mine.    As a successful divestment campaign sees more financial institutions walking away from Adani, the future of the project is looking increasingly shaky.
Guests: Sue Higginson -Environmental Defenders Office ofNSW, Ellen Roberts - Mackay Conservation Council, Moira Williams - 350.org. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Protecting one of the last open shellmounds from cement in California and organising for wind power in Quebec
Corrina Gould and Lynn Jacobs
The campaign against this dangerous new practice in PNG and internationally.
Presenter: Teisha Ahearne. Guest: Dr. Helen Rosenbaum (Deep Sea Mining Campaign)
Robin Taubenfeld and Kim Stewart from Friends of the Earth talk about the environmental destruction caused by military training and the solution: peace.
Corey Green, Robin Taubenfeld, Kim Stewart
Resisting nuclear expansion in South Australia
Aunty Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott and Dr Jim Green
What kind of a deal is it for the environment?
Corey Green, Dr Patricia Ranald, Uncle Michael Anderson
GECO exposing illegal logging in East Gippsland, RET slashed and native forests to be burnt, communities taking the lead where the Federal government is failing.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Ed Hill (Goongerah Environment Centre), Leigh Ewbank (Yes2Renewables - FoE)
Farmers' responses to climate change
Corey Green, Bill Hampel, Mark McKew
ERA abandons the Ranger 3 Deeps project. Will this mean an end to uranium mining in the wrold heritage wetlands?
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Dave Sweeney (ACF); Lauren Mellor (Environment Centre N.T.); Ellen Roberts (Mackay Conservation Group)
Traditional Owners talking out against gas fracking in the Northern Territory
Nancy McDinny, Myra Rory, Gadrian Hoosan, Azman Rory, Borroloola Traditional Owners; Lauren Mellor, Environment Centre Northern Territory
Earth Matters Frog
Earth Matters talks about best practice mine rehabilitation, and whether rehabilitation is even possible in the case of uranium mining.
Corinne Unger, Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, University of Queensland and Gavin Mudd, Department of Environmental Engineering, Monash University.
What's behind wind turbine syndrome?
Leigh Ewbank - Friends of the Earth Yes2Renewables campaign, Simon Chapman - Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, Doug Hobson - wind farmer.
On today’s show we look at those who are on the frontlines of climate change, facing forced migration, and calling for climate justice.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Wendy Flannery (Climate Frontlines collective of Friends of the Earth, Brisbane)
a look at environmental spending
Corey Green, Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters, Nick Heath from WWF, Tessa Jakszewicz from Landcare
Earth Matters Frog
The International Union for Conservation of Nature estimates that species’ extinctions is occurring at up to 1,000 times the natural rate. So maintaining landscapes for biodiversity is critical. Professor S. K Florentine of Federation University discusses the challenge of restoring biodiversity, ahead of the Biodiversity across the Borders conference in June, and Vandana Shiva talks about the economic and security benefits of diverse ecosystems.
Associate Professor S. K. Florentine, Federation University; and Vandana Shiva, environmentalist and anti-globalisation activist.
We hear about people making the links between their livelihoods and the need to address climate change.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Bob Massie (New Economy Coalition); Anna Boddenberg (Earth Worker Cooperative)
the saviour of coal-fired power or a hopeless last effort to extend the life of a dying industry?
Corey Green, Professor Ralf Haese, Gerard Drew, Cam Walker
Pesticides in our water; Friends of FoE.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Cam Walker (Campaigns Coordinator, Friends of the Earth); Anthony Amis (Pesticides & Toxic Chemicals campaign, Friends of the Earth)
Earth Matters Frog
In the past few weeks Earth Matters has been hearing about different ways to communicate around climate change, through the visual arts, through climate fiction, and through psychology and the social sciences. This week, we hear from Tony Birch. a creative writer and teacher who's been working with young people in Melbourne, to help them express and explore their environment. Tony is also exploring his own and others Indigenous history and philosophy, to understand First Nations' resilience to environmental and social change, and how that might encourage the broader community to respond and adapt to climate change. We also have an update on the Abbott government's continuing attack on Environmental Defenders Offices around Australia.
Tony Birch, writer in residence, Global Weather Stations; Jess Feehely, Principal Solicitor, Environmental Defenders Office Tasmania
We talk to Louise Steer from Stop CSG Sydney about PEL buybacks and Prof. Steve Tingay from Curtin University about pollution in space
Corey Green, Louise Steer, Prof. Steven Tingay
Earth Matters Frog
An introduction to the universe of Cli-Fi; and an update of the campaign against duck shooting.
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guests: Alice Robinson; Naomi Oreskes; and Laurie Levy.
Dr Vandana Shiva speaks in Sydney in February 2015 on food sovereignty and seed freedom.
Dr Vandana Shiva
Corey Green, Beverley Hand, Byron Joel, Adam Burgess, Patrick Evans, Bryant Wells