Lizzie O'Shea
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Lizzie O'Shea
instruction pamphlet for a 3D printable face mask nano-hack from Chilean tech company Copper 3D
Presenters: Nicky Stott & Nicky Paige; Guests: Bill Slavin; Lisa Lumsden
Presenter: Bec Horridge. Guests: Harriet Swift; Native forest protector
Banner of Aboriginal flag saying 'Save the Darling River; River not for sale; Water is our blood, without water everything dies'
Presenter: Nicky Stott; Guests: Brad Moggridge; Tyson Yunkaporta
Vanessa Nakate is standing on the street holding a protest sign that says, 'Green love, green peace; beat plastic, polyethylene, pollution; thanks for the global warming; climate strike now.' in the background are people walking by, traffic & buildings.
Presenter: Nicky Stott; Guests: Daiara Tukano, Vanessa Nakate & Rose Whipple
A woman perches high up in a giant eucalyptus tree on a tree-sit platform. She is wearing a helmet and sheltered by a tarp, and she is waving. Two water storage containers and a banner saying Protect Takayna/Tarkine dangle from the platform. The lush forest canopy is visible in the background.
Presenter: Nicky Stott; Guest: Lisa Searle
 Anita Nedosyko in foreground wearing goggles and joyfully holding up oyster shells, with ocean & reef in background (Source: Tait Schmall)
Presenter: Nicky Page; Guest: Anita Nedosyko
Bruce Shillingsworth
Presenter: Bec Horridge. Guests: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki , Zali Stegall: MP for Waringah, Bruce Shillingsworth: Muruwari& Budjiti man, Dr Sue Wareham: Medical Association for the prevention of War, Adrian Burringubba:Leader: Wangang & Jagalingou, Bob Brown
rally placards saying "respect sacred land" and "435 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991: No pride in genocide"
Presenter: Nicky Stott. Guests: Various speakers at Narm Invasion Day protest rally & march
a mass of beautiful green eucalyptus leaves with delicate red stems
Presenter: Nicky Stott. Guests: Various speakers at Invasion Day Dawn Service in Narm