Two young people wearing dark toned warm winter clothes and covid protection face masks are holding a banner up on the side of a busy highway. The banner says “No Turning Back to economic, climate, employment CRISIS”.
Presenters: Nicky Stott, Eiddwen Jeffery & Paddy Dobson; Guests: Desiree Cai (Tomorrow Movement) & Chris O'Neil (Sunbury against Toxic Soil)
Global Climate March Suva Fiji 2015
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Poetry by: Atueta Rabuka, Krystelle Lavaki Danford, Amelia Rigsby and Peter Sipeli. Poetry produced by: Am Kanngieser.
Flows creeping into Lake Menindee
Presenter: Megan Williams, Guests: Kate McBride &Tuesday Browell
A forest camp with banners.
Presenter: Bec Horridge. Guests: Bones and Winiata
Greg and Sergio walking along the Hume Highway , NSW
Presenter: Bec Horridge. Guests: Sergei, Lesley, Greg: Treason March, @LASTGENERATION, Isabell: Blockade Australia
'What you need to know about the Online Safety Bill.' Credit Digital Rights Watch
Presenter: Teishan Ahearne. Guest: Lizzie O'Shea (Digital Rights Watch).
Six POC are carrying a large banner and leading a huge protest march with up to hundred people visible behind them. The banner is blue and red, with black and white text. It says ‘Stop cola power now—Ende Gelände’ and ‘System change, not climate change’, and also depicts the Ende Gelände logo with crossed mallet and pick axe in a circle.
Presenters: Nicky Stott, Bursts (The Final Straw Radio); Guests: Aric McBay (Full Spectrum Resistance)
Several anonymous masked protesters wearing black pants, black hoodies, gloves and dark sunglasses stand defiantly with fists in the air at a barricade that has been erected across train tracks in a remote area. One of the protesters is holding up a Wet'suwet'en flag, which has a red background with a yellow sun, and an image of the profile of a Wet'suwet'en warrior wearing headdress in the centre of the sun. The barricade is constructed with 2 large, solid wooden tripods across tracks and a large banner st
Presenters: Nicky Stott, Bursts (The Final Straw Radio); Guests: Aric McBay (Full Spectrum Resistance)
People’s Vaccine banner. Orange background with a mix of white and grey text, and one of the People’s Vaccine logos depicting a human head and shoulders in a circle & the words ‘The People’s Vaccine’. The text states: ‘Freely available to everyone, everywhere. I want a people’s vaccine, not a profit vaccine. #PeoplesVaccine
Presenter: Nicky Stott; Speakers: Sonia Adesara (medical doctor), Baba Aye (unionist), Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo (nurse & midwife),Isabelle Jani-Friend (disability activist), Dr. Thabo Cecil Makgoba (Anglican archbishop), Caroline Lucas (UK Greens)
A koala in his home.
Presenter: Bec Horridge. Guests: Sue Arnold: Animals for Australia, Dr Kara Youngentob: Research Fellow in the Research School of Biology at the Australian National University