From the Coal Port Blockade: Speeches on the Beach and the power of washing up!

Sunday, 21 January 2024 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Manjot Kaur

Deep thinking Grant Howard, who works in the  coal industry, shares his realisation that politicians:

“deliberately lied; not to protect mine workers but lied and used mine workers to protect their own jobs”, 

A large, happy crowd of sun-hatted people sitting on the sand of a  coal port beach, listening to their friends on the stage tell them why coal exports from Australia must be stopped. Next, they will get into canoe’s and do just that by paddling out and blocking the massive coal ships shipping lane with their colored canooes and fabulous flotilla.

Karl Eric makes instant lyrics on the power of washing up ! and an arrestee thanks the NSW police for being careful, not rough.

After hearing Manjot Kaur you won't forget her name.

The planned 2024 coal port blockade with 10,000 people for ten days and upcoming Rising Tide tour to build numbers of like minded people is well mentioned.

This action leaves no doubt that an increasingly huge number of ordinairy people are unstoppably and happily willing to risk jail to stop coal exports from this stolen land  to slow runnaway climate chaos.

Facebook event page for 2024 Event November 20th to 29th


Rising Tide

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