Let the Bands Play

Sunday 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Music of military bands, brass bands and concert bands from worldwide sources, together with biographical comments regarding composers, conductors, bands and interesting historical events relating to much of the music.

Gordon McKenzie


About Let the Bands Play

The Answers at 3CR…
New broadcaster Gordon MacKenzie takes up the baton from Let The Bands Play former broadcaster Stan Ladd. Stan's marathon 25 year presenting stint proves that broadcasters at 3CR make their radio programs a life long passion.
Here the young Mr MacKenzie has his say....

I came to 3CR because…..
Stan Ladd, who had jointly presented Let The Bands Play with Arthur Badderley for so many years and more recently presented the programme on his own, announced his retirement and made an appeal for someone to take over the programme. Appreciating the value of Let The Bands Play,I volunteered!

What is the best thing about being a radio broadcaster?
Radio has many benefits to many people. Being a radio broadcaster essentially places me in the homes of listeners every week, thus allowing me to entertain them with quality music and help bring them a period of happiness and enjoyment.

What is the hardest thing about producing and presenting radio?
Dedication to perfection and regularity demands a large time commitment in order to ensure accuracy, professionalism, balance, interest and entertainment. However, we only get out of something what we put into it!

If you were ruler for the day what would be the one thing you would change?
There are many things I would change for the betterment of the world, generally speaking.  To identify one thing is nigh on possible, but I will nominate the following: I would immediately put an end to the causes of global warming, regardless of the financial cost; I would also completely end the wholesale destruction and logging of the "old-growth", native and virgin forests worldwide, (including Australia)  My attention would be focussed upon the immediate protection of the Amazon Rain-Forest and the forests of Papua-New Guinea. Additionally, I would declare the whole of Antartica to be a national park.

If you were cleaner of the world where would you start?
China, India, Japan and America would be good starting points, particularly with an emphasis upon air-quality and the causes for their problems.

What were you like when you were ten?
My memory does not easily recall age-specific information, but I believe I was a "normal" child, with a strong musical performing gift on piano and an "old" head on my young shoulders.

What is your favourite sound?
This is a very difficult question to answer, as there are many sounds that delight me, including the natural sounds of a forest, with birds calling and streams running. I love the sound of many types of music, but not the pop, rock, or head-banging-types. However, I don't like all of the "classical" repertoire either. I also love the sound of the Victorian Railway Steam Locomotive whistles!

Where do you escape to?
I escape to the sanctuary of my home and property, as well as to my music, my spirituality and to my love ones.

What makes you happy to be alive?
Bringing joy and happiness to other people and helping people "shine".

If 3CR was a meal what would it be like?
Like many meals, there are some bits more tasty than others.

Why should listeners tune into your program?
Although I put a lot of effort into my programme and I believe in both the programme and the music I present, I place no expectations upon people, that they should listen. I prefer that the overall presentation quality and choice of music be the attraction, as this will ensure their continuing support of Let The Bands Play.