RAD Tour 2007 - Uncle Kev
Presenter: Em Gayfer. Guests: Ila Marks, Linda Marks, Jemila Rushton, and Meryl Yusef interviewed by Phil Evans.
Presenters: Megan Williams and Em Gayfer. Guests: Dave Kerin, Cam Walker, Dimity Hawkins
Presenters: Em Gayfer and Megan Williams. Guests: Trish Luker, from Chain Reaction magazine, gives context from early 80s. Lynette Harriott and Beth Mellick, former FoE bookshop coordinators. Sam Castro, FoE international gender justice working group.
Friends of the Earth members in the 70's
Presenters: Megan Williams and Em Gayfer. Guests: Richard Nankin, Neil Barrett, Pat Jessen, and Bro Sheffield-Brotherton.
Presenter: Megan Williams. Guests: Fran McDonald (WAGA), Genevieve Fry (FoE Food Coop), Anine Cummins (FoE Transform Waste coordinator), Edgie Gifford (FoE Zero Waste volunteer), and Jim Green discusses nulcear waste dumps.
Presenters: Em Gayfer & Megan Williams. Guests: Tony Murphy & Domenica Settle (CAFE - 1994 campaign), Claudia Gallois (Foe Sustainable Cities Community Engagement Officer) and Local resident Keith Fitzgerald.
Megan Williams speaks with Fiona York, Martin Daly, Anthony Amis
Phil Evans speaks with Mara Bonacci, Merryn Redenbach
Em Gayfer speaks with June Norman, Jessica Lawson, Robin Taubenfeld
Friends of the Earth Food Coop, 222 Brunswick Street
Em Gayfer speaks with Beth Cameron, Leanne McLean, Ursula Alquier, Peter Podolinsky, Alex Bhathal