3 Feb 2023
Laura O’Connell Rapria and Holly Hammond
27 Jan 2023
Geraldine Fela and Iain McIntyre
20 Jan 2023
Maddy Rose Braddon and Holly Hammond
13 Jan 2023
Sarah Schulman and Holly Hammond
30 Dec 2022
Millie Telford and Grace Vegesana
23 Dec 2022
El Gibbs and Elly Desmarchelier
Banners laid on the steps of Parliament House saying FUND COMMUNITIES NOT PRISONS + POLICE from Homes Not Prisons' first rally, Naarm Oct 2022 Photo taken by Cathryn Murdoch)
1 Dec 2022
Nina, Aunty Vickie Roach, Sara
Homes not Prisons banners saying Homes Not Prisons and Oppose Dan Andrew's Love affair with Prisons on the steps of Parliament Naarm/Melbourne Oct 2022
17 Nov 2022
Aunty Di Kerr, Aunty Vickie Roach, Sara, Nina, Sarah Schwartz, Georgina Gartland