Victorian State Election, COP 27 and carbon debt, AFLW and sports media diversity, Santos appeals case to stop drilling in the Tiwi Islands

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Dr Gideon Polya holding a banner at a public demonstration against climate inaction

Jacob speaks with climate activist Gideon Polya on COP 27, and the Global Carbon Debt.

Claudia welcomes independent writer and audio producer Kirby Fenwick to talkĀ  about sports media diversity and areas of inequality in women's sport ahead of the AFLW Grand Final this Sunday. Kirby is the co-founder of Siren women's sport media collective and the producer of First Day in February, an audio documentary about the first AFLW game, which won the Victorian oral history award in 2018. You can listen to First Day in February via the following link

To follow Kirby's work at Siren -

Jacob speaks with Indegenous Community Consultant Antonia Burke, on the court case to stop the Australian oil and gas company Santos drilling in the Tiwi Islands. Although the court case against Santos was initially won by the traditional owners of the Tiwi Islands, Santos has appealed the Federal Court ruling.

Jay Coonan from the AntiPoverty Centre joins Claudia to discuss the Victorian State Election taking place this Saturday. Jay is the co-coordinator and policy researcher with the Antipoverty Centre.