Indigenous Businesses and Waterway Reform

Wednesday, 10 June 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

(0:00:00) Acknowledgement of Country.


(0:21:00) We speak to Virginia Marshall, an academic at ANU, about water management at the Murray Darling. We discuss the impact on indigenous communities both physically and culturally and the need for a reform, not just a revision of water management. Virginia also informs us how we can integrate indigenous knowledge into water management. 


(0:45:00) Our Tram Thought for this week explores the theme of a ‘Low-Tech Future’. We discuss the possibilities of human innovation vs low-tech resources for our future. 


(1:05:00) Rachael Sarra, artist, designer and activist from Goreng Goreng Country, joins us on the show. Rachael uses her artwork to educate and share Aboriginal culture and its evolution. She often does this by exploring themes of societies perceptions of what aboriginal art and identity is. We discuss indigenous businesses and the push to continue to bring awareness to indigenous hardships.