Disaster recovery payments, Indigenous astronomy & ecocide in Ecuador

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Wednesday 12th of February  

[0:00:00] Acknowledgement of Country


[0:13:45] Over the Wall discuss with the National Social Security Rights network on how those affected by this season’s bushfires can access government payment and social services. They discuss and clarify how affected individuals can ensure they claim disaster recovery payments.


[0:30:59] We listen to Krystal De Napoli, a Kamilaroi astrophysics student at Monash University, researching the ways in which the love for her culture and her passion for science intersect. She explains how stories on caring for landscape are embedded within indigenous astronomy and ensure these lessons are passed down for thousands of years.


[1:01:44] We hear from Rebekah Hayden, from the Rainforest Action Group, on SolGold and its presence in Ecuador. She explores the topics of ecocide and colonisation on first nations people’s land. She speaks about the communities uprising across Ecuador as these companies enter this land without consent.



Above the rain by Jamie Hutchings

Johnny Joe by Sainthill

Stargrazer by Marmo Curzon

Apologise by Emu Feathers