Alleviating poverty, Zines! Greater Gliders & Democracy in Colour

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Wednesday 29th of Janurary 

First show back for 2020! 

[0:15:00] We listen to the speeches from the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne on Sunday 26th (of January), alongside some vox-pops around the day. This year, a large campaign was ‘Pay the Rent’ acknowledging that lands were never given, sovereignty was never ceded and with that, there remains an outstanding and ongoing cost due to First Nations community. The image above contains a collection of groups that audiences can donate to, helping pay the rent for the ongoing use and settlement of these lands.

For live coverage of the event click here.

 [0:30:00] Rob has Adelide in to discuss her work with ygap, an international non-for-profit organisation that focus on alleviating poverty through the backing of community initiatives and leaders. Yygap seeks to facilitate local leaders in their solutions towards systemic and structural poverty. By prioritising local led change ygap seeks to create more long term, sustainable change.

[0:45:00] Luke from the Sticky Institute to discuss the upcoming Zine Fair, The Festival of the Photocopier running  on the 8 – 9th of February from 12 – 5pm at the Meat Market in North Melbourne. Luke defines zines as ‘independent publications, often photocopied, made by individual small groups with  no advertising, made for love not for profit and can break one or all those rules ’, with over 400 makers at this years festival it is going to be a wonderful collection of beauty and mayhem!

[1:00:00] Chris Schuringa from Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) joins us to talk about their organisations fight to protect the Victorian Greater Gliders, after the threat of the recent bushfires and continual logging in Gliders natural habitats. GECO is petitioning the state government to re-model their action statement for Gliders in Victoria.

[1:15:00] Amelie rings in from Democracy in Colour a movement of people of colour and allies working together to tackle structural racism. Through their campaigns Democracy in Colour hold political, cultural and corporate leaders to account for the things they say and do on race; and strengthen the political voice of people of colour.


Earth Song Rika

Better in Blak Thelma Plum

My Child North Tanami Band

Human Behaviour Rdical Son

Skin Name Wampana Band

 Love is going to lead us Laura Jean

Jessica, Eiddwen and Rob
Wednesday 7:00am to 8:30am
Current affairs, media analysis, alternative media.


Eiddwen Jeffery, Rob Snelling and Jessica Trichias