MAY DAY 2019! No More Bosses; Celebrating May Day; Media in All Languages

Wednesday, 1 May 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Wednesday 1 May 2019 - MAY DAY! ||

Hosted by Eiddwen and Will [segment times in brackets] 3CR is proud to acknowledge the Kulin Nations as true owners and custodians of the lands from which we broadcast. We pay respect to their elders past and present and acknowledge that their sovereignty was never ceded and a treaty has yet to be signed ||

[20:38] - Happy May Day Comrades! Len Cooper is secretary of the May Day Committee at the Victorian trades Hall and comes on the show to tell us about the importance of May Day. Why is solidarity among workers so important when they face different struggles? What can we do to have the backs of workers across the world? What's going on this Sunday? (a May Day fair and rally at the Victorian trades Hall, that's what) ||

[41:27] - Wiping Away Bosses: Dirt Radio (9:30am Tuesdays) speaks to Eleanor Coffey from the Red Gum Cleaning Collective about worker cooperatives and how you can get the job done without bosses ||

[1:05:27] - Speaking in Tongues: Dr John Budarick (University of Adelaide) is a researcher on ethnic minority media's history, present and future. John comes on the show to discuss the need to protect and fund multicultural media in Australia, especially int he lead up to the Federal election ||

Jessica, Eiddwen and Rob
Wednesday 7:00am to 8:30am
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Eiddwen Jeffery, Rob Snelling and Jessica Trichias