Radiothon Special with Highlights of 2018: Science increased surveillance, Rohingya Exhibit, Marriage Equality coverage, ICAN and Songs of Satire

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

3CR Breakfast Rundown 13th June  2018


7:00am Acknowledgment of Country 

7:06 Songs of Satire focusing on Buggles song Video Killed the Radio Star

7:15am Interview with Tania Hill senior curator of Astronomy at the Melbourne Planetarium about the Lunar eclipse earlier this year.

7:18am Interview with Deakin Professor in  Ecology and Conservation research  Euan Ritchie  about bandicoots in the suburbs.

7:22am John Saffron talking on extremist groups around Melbourne.

7:26am Featured artist Teskey Bothers with song It’s a Crying Shame.

7:32am Phone call with 3CR producer and volunteer MV.

7:37am Interview with Vanessa Teague, Senior lecture in the Computing and Information systems at the University of Melbourne talking on the consequences of increased security surveillance systems.

7:42am Featured artist Kutcha Edwards with song Circles from his album Beneath the Surface.

7:47am Coverage of the Rohingya Refugee exhibit at Footscray Community Arts Center “Refugees Crisis in Colour” and interview with coordinator Ali Mc.

7:53 am Greg Denham executive Yarra Drug and Health Forum promoting upcoming events.

7:58am Featured artist Joni Mitchell with You Turn Me On (I'm a radio)

8:02am Vox Pop from the 2017 Marriage Equality Plebiscite protests in Sydney.

8:06am Phone call with  with Dr Tim Jones from La Trobe University.

8:11am Discussion over the US and North Korea summit and previous interview with ICAN  (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) team after the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

8:17am Featured artist  Black Rock Band with song Bininj Kunborrk.

8:21am Featured artist  Poem from Fleassy Malay with poem  When Men Birth  surrounding the role of today’s men during childbirth.