Luna Eclipse around the corner as Aus drug reform is seen on the horizon. Update on Rohingya

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Wednesday breakfast Rundown 6th of December. 
Presenters, Judith Peppard and Patty Beggs

Out of the Drak Dr Tanya Hill, Curator (Astronomy) at the Melbourne Planetarium, describes how she became involved in astronomy and what we’ll see during the lunar eclipse on January 31st. 

 Arms Race? Shirly Winton from IPAN phones into to talk about the coalitions proposed $3.8 billion dollar fund to stimulate the Australian arms industry into top ten producers of the world.  

Drug reform on the horizon? Greg Denham talks to us about the renewed push in Victoria to introduce pill-testing at music events, and policy developments in France which may see the country decriminalise all drugs.

Rohingya update Ali MC, a photographer and human rights activist, talks about his meetings with Rohingya refugees in Myanmar and Bangladesh in 2016. His exhibition Rohingya: Refugee Crisis in Colour, features Ali’s colour photography alongside film and photos shot by Rohingya refugees. The exhibition opens at Footscray Community Art Centre, Thursday, Feb 8th at 6:00 pm.