Gaol Bars, Day of Mourning, Tech Diplomacy, QLD Rangers and Natural Strategy Draft.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Wednesday breakfast Rundown 24th of December. 
Presenters, Judith Peppard, Nick Wallis and Patty Beggs

7:00am: Introduction:

7:05am Gaol Bars Hugo the poet speak about the creation and force behind latest album reales 'Gaol Bars'. The Album comprises of r
aps written during and in some way inspired by my new work teaching music in a youth detention centre.

7:25am Day Of Mourning 
Kevin Russell indigenous leader and Community man and great Grandson of William Copper joins us on the phone. Kevin has has worked in the Link up Program, and his the current Manager the Beyond Survival at VACA.

7:45am Tech Diplomacy Hussein Dia joins us on the phone, he is Chair of Civil Engineering and Program Leader (Future Urban Mobility), Smart Cities Research Institute at Swinburne University of Technology. Hussein recently published an article in the conversation outlining potential future paths for cities, states, nations and big tech firms and companies. 

QLD Rangers Dr Emilie Ens from Macquarrie University joins us on the phone to speak with us about the Indigenous Ranger Program, the value of the program to the community and the environment and how it has affected people's lives.

8:15am Natural Strategy Draft 
James Tresize speaks for the Places We Love Alliance about flaws in the federal government’s new proposed ‘Strategy for Nature’. The strategy would weaken the measures currently in place to protect Australian animal and plant biodiversity and is out of step with the requirements of the International Convention on Biodiversity which Australia has signed.

8:30am End:

Track List
Archie Roach, Charcoal Lane