Early Childhood. ICAN and Will. Blockchain imaginations + more

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Wednesday Breakfast 13th of December

Presenters, Nick Wallis and Patty Beggs.

Early childhood
Dr Avis Ridgway speaks about the pleather of ways cultures and the importance of instilling a pedagogy of play.

ICAN and Can do attitude wins a 
Nobel Peace prize: 
A number of Australians who were instrumental in setting up ICAN…travelled to Oslo for the ceremony. Other ICAN members and supporters watched it at Melbourne Town Hall and Gem Rumold was one of them. Gem is the Outreach Coordinator for ICAN Australia spoke with Judith.

News Of the Day: 

Dr Jason Potts imagines this new technology to have the ability to revolutionise the value system to which ew work from. Conversation "Bitcoin may be reaching new heights, but the ASX shows the blockchain is reinventing business".

Live broadcast: Nick Wallis takes us through the Ethnogenesis symposium 2017 retrospectively while offering a small recap of the Enpsychedelia live broadcast that took place amongst many other talks and discussion.