Gambling reform, A Climate for Art, state budget's impact on women and gender diverse people, campaign to ban duck hunting

Tuesday, 6 June 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am
A Climate for Art. Image:


7.15: Annie McLoughin speaks to Carol Bennet from the Alliance for Gambling Reform on Solidarity Breakfast about their latest report calling on the government to urgently restrict exposure to gambling for children and young people//

7.30: Lana Nguyen, independent producer in the arts, on 'A Climate for Art' (ACFA), a campaign working towards the collectivisation of climate response. A Climate for Art launches at Footscray Community Arts on 16 June//

7.45: Kit McMahon, CEO of Women’s Health in the South East (WHISE), on the impact of the state budget on women and gender diverse people in Victoria. Read their gender analysis here//

8.00: CEO and Executive Director of Wildlife Victoria Lisa Palma on their campaign to end duck hunting in Victoria. Donate now!