Disrupt Land Forces and anti-weapons activism, Defining Equality Conference and Impact of military, environmental and settler colonialism on Hawaiʻi

Tuesday, 4 October 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am


- Police protect neo-nazi "protest"

- Kakadu uranium site clean-up in limbo amid calls to revive mine

- Disrupt Land Forces happening in Meanjin all week

We listen to Annie from Solidarity Breakfast speaking with Lauren Perry from UTS, co-author of a recent report called Facial recognition technology: Towards a model law about the issues that could place this technology against citzen's rights. You can listen to the whole episode here.
We listen to RMIT Professor Libby Porter speak with Tina Grandinetti from the forum for Dwelling Justice, held at The Capitol Theatre here in Naarm/ Melbourne in August about
the effect of military, environmental and settler colonialism on Hawaiʻi.
Aunty Sue Coleman Haseldine speaks to Kannagi about her experience surviving nuclear tests in South Australia in the 60s, the effects of ongoing weapons testing on her land and the importance of anti-weapons activism. Aunty Sue joined us from Disrupt Land Forces currently happening in Meanjin.
Caitlin McGrane, Project Manager at Gender Equity Victoria, speaks to Jasmine about their annual conference, Defining Equality, taking place virtually tomorrow (Wed 5 Oct).
- Process - Milan Ring