Facial Recognition Law II Disruption of Land Forces II This is the Week II Under Cover II Knauf Lockout

Saturday, 1 October 2022 - 7:30am to 9:00am
Disruption of Land Forces Weapons Expo Brisbane

Facial Recognition Law here II Choice alerted the public to the use of facial recognition technologies at K-mart, Bunnings & Goodfella's stores recently with a petition calling for regulation. What are the issues that place this technology against citzen's rights? We speak with Lauren Perry, from UTS, co-author of a recent report called Facial recognition technology: Towards a model law.

Disruption of Land Forces here II The Festival of Resistance started on Friday 30th October and will run through the period of the October 4-6 Land Forces weapons Expo in Brisbane Convention Centre. We catchup with Zelda Grimshaw from Wage Peace and Cyndi Makabory, a West Papuan Activist, who are part of the resistance to the expo. Updates daily 8am on 3cr Breakfast.

This is the Week here II Kevin slices and dices the week.

Under Cover here II The  homelessness of older women in Australia is the focus of Sue Thomson's film Under Cover. Opening in cinemas on October 6th featuring Margot Robbie as the narrator. Under Cover follows the lives of 10 women as they deal with the issue of homelessness.

Knauf Lockout here II The dominant manufacturer of plasterboard locally and worldwide Knauf has locked its Port Melbourne workers out refusing to remove a clause that will make way for the casualization of the workforce as the company continues to drag its feet when it comes to safety on the job. We talked with the organiser and the men affected. To contribute to their fighting fund here.