Yung Prodigy Org, People’s Commission into the Housing Crisis, Uni Encampments and Anti-Palestine Racism Register, Scrutinising Hancock’s Ecuador Operations

Thursday, 23 May 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
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Maia, founding director of Yung Prodigy Org, came on the show to talk about the importance of authentic spaces centring care, truth and breaking cycles of targeted systemic dependency for young people with experiences of parental incarceration. Maia works in social justice spaces more broadly through anti-racism, advocacy and assisting community organising efforts. She has lived experience of parental incarceration for over 10 years and other forms of contact with the justice system, driving her work to curate a better aligned social ecosystem through Yung Prodigy.


Everybody's Home spokesperson Maiy Azize took us through the launch of public hearings into the People's Commission into the Housing Crisis, which began today in Sydney. The People's Commission, convened by Everybody's Home, a national cross-sectoral campaign aiming to fix Australia's housing crisis, will hear from community members and frontline workers about lived experiences of housing insecurity.//


Son of a Palestinian refugee, co-founder of Australians For Palestine, president of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network and broadcaster on 3CR’s Palestine Remembered show Nasser Mashni spoke with us about the university student encampments around so-called Australia calling for disclosure of and divestment from all institutions and companies supporting and/or profiting from the genocide of Palestinians. The conversation also touched on the newly-launched Anti-Palestine Racism in Schools Register.//


Liz Downes, campaigner with Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG), joined us to discuss MRAG’s recently-released report documenting Australian mining company Hancock Prospecting's concerning activities in Ecuador since 2017. The report compiles seven years worth of front-line reporting on Hancock's 100%-owned subsidiary Hanrine, which has attracted scrutiny for alleged civil rights violations and judicial system interference during its explorations for copper and gold in eleven mining concessions in northwestern Ecuador.//