Dr Jason Wilson on Claremont Institute & eugenics, Anna Emina on The Great Book Return, Ronny Kareni on recent indonesian elections, Dr Tamar Hopkins on racial profiling training for defence lawyers.

Thursday, 22 February 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
The Great Book Return. Open face book reading The Culture of Archiving with picture on right hand side, being held open by hands with light pink nails holding pink highlighter wearing gold bracelet on left hand. Blank lined cue cards lay next to the book, with background red, white rug with intricate lines and shapes.

Dr Jason Wilson on Claremont Institute & eugenics, Anna Emina on The Great Book Return, Ronny Kareni on recent indonesian elections, Dr Tamar Hopkins on racial profiling training for defence lawyers.//


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Dr Jason Wilson - Claremont Institute & eugenics

Andy and Cam of Yeah Nah Pasaran on 3CR speak with Portland correspondent and Investigative reporter, Dr Jason Wilson, about "think tank" Claremont Institute and eugenics. Aired 8 February 2024. You can catch Yeah Nah Pasaran on Thursdays on 3CR from 4:30-5:00pm //


Anna Emina - The Great Book Return

Anna Emina is an educator, curator and writer based in Naarm. Her practice centres on collaboration and creating accessible opportunities for people of colour to connect with contemporary art in so-called 'australia'. Anna's here to chat to about the latest instalment of the Palestinian archive ’The Great Book Return’ (TGBR), which ran from the 20 Jan - 10 Feb in Brunswick West. Volume 2 of the archive expanded to include materials from First Nations, Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian people and highlights the importance of archiving as resistance amongst stolen and destroyed books, artworks and artefacts.//


Ronny Kareni - Recent indonesian elections 

West Papuan diplomat, activist and lecturer at the Australian National University Ronny Kareni joins us to discuss the outcome of Indonesia's recent elections, with former Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto declaring victory last Wednesday. Prabowo's election has raised significant concern amongst rights advocates, who point to allegations of serious human rights abuses overseen by the incoming president in both East Timor and Papua, as well as the potential for Prabowo's presidency to function as a conduit for incumbent Joko Widodo to continue exerting political influence once exiting office.//


Dr Tamar Hopkins - Racial profiling training for defence lawyers

Community lawyer and scholar Dr Tamar Hopkins speaks with us about training criminal defence lawyers to identify and respond to racial profiling and other forms of police misconduct in Victoria. Tamar's PhD thesis, which won the Australian Legal Research Awards PhD Award in 2023, examined the meaning of racial profiling and its application in the Australian context, in the absence of a formal system of identification and potential accountability for victims of police misconduct. Tamar, who has been working, researching and writing on police powers since 2005, will be running the well-regarded Stop, Question and Search/Racial Profiling Training for Defence Lawyers in Victoria training again on Tuesday 12 March - find out more here. //


Coronial Inquest

  • Today 22nd of Feb, sergeant lee bauwens is finally due to give evidence at the coronial inquest into the death of Kumanjayi Walker.
    • With former constable zachary rolfe is due to give evidence from 26 February to 1 March 2024.
    • You can show your support by attending the livestream

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